Yackley Five

Safariland CADRE Yackley 5
A family affair.


What’s better than one shooter? A whole family of shooters. The ‘Yackley Five’ is composed of power couple Mark and Becky, and their three sons Tim (22), Sean (21), and Andrew (16). This tight knit family is the definition of family unity, and each is accomplished. Mark is a USMC Veteran, Law Enforcement, USMC and WI State Patrol/LE Firearms Instructor, and has multiple titles in both pistol and 3-Gun competitions. Becky, the daughter of a gunsmith, has spent much of the last 20 years holding down the fort of this Military and Law Enforcement family. In addition to raising three boys, she competes in IPSC, 3-Gun, USPSA, Bianchi Cup, and more. Becky holds the Ladies Metallic Division national record on all 4 Bianchi pistol events and has represented the USA on the world stage in rifle, and shotgun. Both Mark and Becky have a background in highpower, smallbore, collegiate air pistol, free pistol, USPSA, 3 Gun and various other shooting disciplines, as well as summer Biathlon and Triathlon.

The oldest of the three sons, Tim has been competing since age 13 and has earned multiple medals in IPSC, over 30 high junior awards, and is a USPSA Grand Master in Limited Division. The family gunsmith, he has represented the USA on the world stage in five different countries. Younger brothers Sean, and Andrew, shoot competitively in 3 Gun, Bianchi Cup, IPSC, USPSA, and more.

Safariland CADRE