2024 Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is coming up fast, and if you’re wondering what to get your tactical Dad this year, this Father’s Day Gift Guide will help you. As a Dad myself, I don’t need much at all, but if I were to get something, I’d be more than okay to receive any one of these as a gift.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tactical Dad

I’ll include a wide range in price so you can pick what fits your budget. These products will also be things that any Dad would use often and appreciate. They won’t be in any particular order.

1. Safariland Schema IWB Holster

Sig P365 XL in Safariland Schema IWB holster. father's day gift ideas
The Safariland Schema is Skeletonized and low profile.

The Safariland Schema is an inexpensive, extremely simple, and effective holster for your Dad if he carries a micro-compact pistol as his EDC. I have one for the Sig P365 XL, which also fits my P365X.

It’s a minimalist, lightweight, skeletonized IWB Holster, and it is one of my favorite options. It doesn’t accommodate a weapon-mounted light, but then, its purpose is to be a minimalist.

2. Real Avid AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit

This Kit has Everything you need to build and work on AR15s.

If your Dad has a few AR15 rifles at home, he will love the Real Avid AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit.

I am currently reviewing this set, and it has everything you need — and then some — to build or work on any AR15 and some other platforms. It comes in a durable hard case that keeps it all together, so he won’t have to look all over the garage for the tool he needs.

3. Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Headset

I trust the Liberator HP 2.0 to protect my hearing, no matter what I’m shooting.

Protect your Dad’s hearing with the Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Hearing Protection. These are some of my favorite headsets, and I have them in my work bag, ready to go for the range or at a moment’s notice to simultaneously protect my hearing and enhance my situational awareness.

4. Safariland Hatch Task Medium Police Duty Glove

TSK324 Task Medium gloves have touchscreen technology embedded into the materials of the fingertips.

These TSK324 – Task Medium Police Duty Gloves are a good mix of protection and dexterity. I have had many pairs of Hatch gloves over the years, and they have served me well and have been very durable through hard use.

5. Safariland Incog X IWB Holster

The Incog X offers enhanced concealed carry features for a wide range of handguns.

This collaboration between Safariland and Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners was a great one. This low-profile IWB Holster is weapon-light and red dot compatible. This covers more of the pistol than the schema and has the option to have a magazine caddy attachment to hold a spare magazine.

Incog X IWB Holster fits are available for multiple handguns including models from Glock, Sig, Staccato, and more. Check it out for your Dad’s favorite carry gun.

6. Streamlight TLR-7 Sub

The TLR-7 Sub offers 500 lumens for sub-compact handguns.

I prefer to have a weapon-mounted light on every firearm that I use for self-defense. I didn’t have one for my defensive handgun for the longest time because the size of WML was too bulky for my liking. That was until the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub series of WMLs became available.

I’ve been carrying this one on my P365X for over a year, and it is plenty bright with 500 lumens and decent run time as well. This would be an excellent accessory for your Dad’s P365 or G43/48 carry pistol.

7. Safariland Species IWB Holster

Safariland L930 EDC NextBelt
The Safariland Species pairs well with the EDC NextBelt. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The Safariland Species is another low-profile IWB solution for a multitude of micro-compact pistols. It will accommodate a host of popular red dot sights but not weapon lights.

This is an affordable and simple option for your Dad’s everyday carry gun. It’s available in several colors and finishes and offers dual functionality and tension adjustment for a personalized fit, feel, and draw. Note that it is currently only available for right-handed shooters.

8. Mean Gene Leather Renegade Belt 1.25″

Mene Gene Leather Belt - Breach Bang Clear
Mean Gene makes a Great-looking and durable leather belt for EDC.

Make sure your Dad has a belt that will be a sturdy and stable platform for his EDC setup. The Mean Gene Leather Renegade Belt is an excellent belt made with high-quality leather with multiple leather options. I have had mine for several months, and it is one of the easiest belts to use. They are also customizable with the buckle. They also look great as well.

9. Safariland QLS System

Add modularity to your holster system with the QLS kit.

If your Dad runs a Safariland rig for work or on the range, the Quick Locking System Kit (QLS) is a must-have. It allows him to quickly remove the holster from his belt system. It is extremely useful if he has multiple holsters so he can switch out the holster that he needs in seconds, without tools.

10. Holosun EPS Carry Micro Red Dot Sight

The Holosun EPS Carry is a great choice.

If your Dad runs a G43/G48 or P365 that is cut with RMSc footprint, then this is an excellent micro red dot sight for him. It is a closed-emitter design, which makes it perfect for EDC, especially IWB.

I’ve had both an open emitter as well as the EPS Carry, let’s just say the EPS Carry won over the previous red dot sight for me, and that’s what I still carry to this day. There are a few models available, including red and green dots and cross-hair reticle. I prefer the 2 MOA dot.

11. EDC Nexbelt

The EDC Nexbelt is made with heavy-duty high-density nylon, for extra stiffness and durability for everyday carry. 

Here is another great EDC belt system if your Dad isn’t into leather belts. The Nylon EDC Nexbelt ratcheting design is easy to use and adjust. It is a great option for EDC, or if your Dad is a Peace Officer, for plain clothes duty, detectives where they don’t wear a full duty Belt.

The EDC Nexbelt from Safariland is an everyday belt made specifically for people who carry a handgun. It works great for a multitude of other tasks as well.

12. Safariland 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster

The 575 IWB holster features the Glrip Lock System which secures the gun once holstered.

Here is another IWB option, this time with an active retention system. The 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit has the Grip Locking System or GLS. You use your middle finger to press the button underneath the trigger guard to quickly release the pistol.

The low-cut, compact design of the 575 makes concealment easy, while allowing for a quick draw. If your Dad prefers an OWB or outside waistband, it includes over or under-the-belt loop attachments

13. Safariland 7378 7TS ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

For those who prefer OWB carry with ALS retention.

If your Dad runs a slick pistol with just the iron sights and likes paddle holsters, the 7378 7TS Concealment Paddle holster is the one for him. It has the ALS retention system, which is secure and fast to deploy when needed. It is adjustable for cant, and the paddle fits belt widths up to 1.75 inches.

Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day!

I hope this Father’s Day Gift Guide has been helpful in finding something that your Dad will enjoy.

Have a great Father’s Day and make sure to spend some quality time with him!

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