Aftermarket Triggers for Your Sig Sauer P365

— William LawsonCADRE Dispatch

The Sig Sauer P365 series is America’s best-selling handgun and has been for several years. The P365 is small but potent, providing serious firepower in a small, concealable package. The P365’s modularity also makes it attractive, offering multiple configurations to meet almost any need.

Popular firearms inevitably attract aftermarket accessories and upgrades. The Sig P365 is no different. So, today, we’re looking at five upgraded triggers to make your Sig even sweeter.

Grayguns P365 Adjustable Straight Trigger

Grayguns P365 flat trigger

The Grayguns Adjustable Straight Trigger optimizes your P365’s length of pull and reduces over travel. The trigger’s toe never moves forward of the original starting position, while breaking at 90 degrees. It gives you a clean index while providing a wider area for finger placement.

This trigger can be adjusted to your preference, including eliminating all over-travel and shortening the reset. The provided hex key is the only tool you need.

Grayguns flat trigger
The Grayguns adjustable straight trigger comes with a hex key. (


  • Drop-in trigger made from solid bar stock steel right in the US of A
  • Straight face design
  • Preserves factory sear engagement and all mechanical safety values
  • Adjustable over travel eliminates gross movement after the sear is released and reduces trigger travel to the reset point
  • Smoother take up, sear release, and reset sensation
  • Reliable and durable enough for high-volume professional use
  • Available in standard Black oxide, and occasionally available in Titanium nitride, Gold, Nickel PTFE, and Copper
  • Fits P365, P365XL, P365X-MACRO, P365SAS, and P365X models

M-Carbo Sig Sauer P365 Short Stroke Flat Trigger Upgrade

That’s a long product title, but we strive for precision here at Safariland. This M-Carbo trigger is CNC machined from solid 4140 steel billet and built to address factory-related issues with Metal Injection Molded parts.  

M-Carbo factory comparison
M-Carbo says the trigger boasts the shortest length of pull compared to the OEM and other aftermarket options. (

A set screw fine-tunes any over-travel to achieve optimal reduction.  Extra smooth edges and a rounded tip provide maximum comfort, along with the improved trigger placement that makes the trigger pull feel approximately ½ lb. lighter.

The kit includes a precision CNC machined flat trigger, a 0.35-inch Allen key, and a black oxide 1/8” set screw. This trigger is compatible with P365, P365 – 380, P365 SAS, P365XL, P365X, and P365 X-Macro models. M-Carbo will also install the trigger for you if you prefer.

RAMM Tactical Sig Sauer “Leverage” Trigger for P365

The RAMM Tactical Leverage trigger kit includes the trigger assembly, over travel set screw, proprietary take-down lever, sear sleeve, sear spring, trigger return spring, safety plunger spring, post-travel .050” hex key, and RAMM Tactical slide end cap. It is available with and without a manual safety lever.

RAMM Tactical Leverage Trigger
This flat-faced drop-in trigger is machined from 4140 steel and has a 4 to 4.5 pull weight. (

The Leverage trigger features a very short trigger pull starting just forward of perpendicular and breaking at 90 degrees.

This trigger is compatible with P365, P365X, P365XL, and “Macro and Variant models,” according to the RAMM Tactical website. RAMM Tactical recommends gunsmith installation.

RAMM Tactical Leverage P365 Trigger kit
Sig P365 Leverage Trigger kit. (

Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 Intellifire Trigger

Tyrant CNC’s Intellifire Trigger System features a dual safety blade action trigger with a 90-degree break and 30 percent less take up.

The Intellifire trigger has a robust 12L14 stainless steel body with lightweight 6061 aluminum safety blades. Tyrant says the heat-treated stainless steel internal spring will outlive the firearm’s duty cycle.

Tyrant uses innovative geometry and a specialized spring to utilize a 3:1 lever ratio to clear the grip module when activated. But if the front blade remains undepressed, the rear blade directly impacts the grip module, thus preventing the firing pin from dropping, making the trigger extra safe.

Tyrant CNC Intellifire P365 trigger
The Intellifire system is compatible with standard P365 variants. (

Tyrant’s signature hybrid trigger ergonomics profile features a flat face with a subtle bottom curve, which the company says is the ideal blend for optimal performance.

Sig Sauer OEM P365 Flat Trigger Kit

I don’t know if an actual Sig Sauer product counts as “aftermarket, but I’m including it anyway since it is an upgrade.

This Sig factory part directly replaces your P365’s stock trigger. The flat face lowers the shooter’s finger, increasing leverage for a smoother, more consistent trigger pull without changing the factory pull weight.

Sig Sauer P365 flat trigger kit
The Sig Sauer P365 factory flat trigger is a direct replacement to your stock trigger. (

Sig notes that installation requires more than a basic field strip, and recommends an armorer or gunsmith do the work. You can decide that for yourself based on your skill level.

Sig Sauer P365XL flat trigger
Flat trigger on Sig P365XL. (Author’s Photo)

Just a Thought

Some folks are fine with stock triggers, but others love the upgrades. After all, a nice trigger can make a firearm. On the other hand, a just-okay trigger can make an otherwise great gun, well, just okay. The flat trigger came standard on my P365XL, so I got the best of both worlds.

The P365’s immense popularity means shooters have plenty of aftermarket options, including some very cool triggers. Flat seems to be popular, but it’s not the only thing, as we’ve seen. You can even get different colors.

So, if you’re looking to trick out your P365, the trigger might not be a bad place to start. Or maybe you’ve already got the other bling but need to kick up your performance. Treating yourself to a nice trigger might be just the thing.

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