Celebrating 20 Years: Beretta Unveils PX4 Storm Series Additions

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Beretta marks the 20th anniversary of the PX4 Storm series with two exciting additions: the PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2 and the full-size PX4 Storm G-SD (Super Duty). The new models embody two decades of innovation while maintaining the PX4 series’ distinct qualities.

Beretta unveiled the new members of the PX4 Storm series at SHOT Show 2024.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

Developed in collaboration with Langdon Tactical Technology, the enhanced PX4 pistols feature a groundbreaking low-recoil heavy rotating barrel profile. This cutting-edge innovation ensures durability, exceptional control, and precision with every shot. The result? An exceptionally soft-shooting firearm, comparable to a pistol equipped with a compensator.

The PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2 is designed for concealed carry, featuring a bobbed conceal carry hammer for comfort during AIWB carry. This model seamlessly becomes an extension of yourself, offering both practicality and reliability.

Precision Upgrades

Both models boast significant enhancements, including a D Hammer spring for elevated trigger control, a Type-G de-cocker tailored for carry-style use, and an impressively sized magazine release for quick and decisive action. The Talon Grip provides an unrivaled hold, instilling confidence in any condition.

These new additions made their debut at the 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. According to Ben Grundwerg, Product Manager – ProShop & Special Projects, “We took the best configurations developed over the last two decades and incorporated them into focused factory offerings.”

Expert Endorsement

Ernest Langdon, President & CEO of Langdon Tactical Technology, praises the G-SD configuration, stating, “It’s not just about how flat and soft it shoots; it is about how quickly and easily the gun comes back to the same point of aim. That is the real key to how great it shoots. It is really remarkable.”

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