CZ: Journey of an Industry Powerhouse

— Daniel ReederCADRE Dispatch

CZ is one of the world’s most recognizable firearms and ammunition manufacturers. From humble beginnings as a dedicated armaments facility in the heart of Czechoslovakia, the company has become a powerhouse of production in the global industry. Today we’re going over the story of CZ, or Česká zbrojovka. 

The Founding of CZ and Beyond

In the months leading into World War II, the government of Czechoslovakia recognized the need for a defense industry and established a firearms manufacturing plant away from the imminent threat along the German border. In 1936, the CZ legacy was born in the Moravian town of Uherský Brod. Česká zbrojovka’ translates to ‘Czech armory,’ and at one time, there were many ‘C.Z.s – but let’s focus on Uherský Brod.

This facility wasn’t just a strategic maneuver amidst the political tensions of Europe; it was supposed to be an example of industrial capability. It was equipped with the best machinery and manned by top-tier engineers and designers of the era. 

The Beginning of CZ
in the first years of its existence, the Czech armory at Uherský Brod was successfully engaged primarily in the production of aircraft machine guns. (Photo Credit: CZ Group)

WWII Strategy and Post-war Expansion

The outbreak of World War II tested every sinew of industry across Europe, and Czechoslovakia’s strategic relocation of its armament production proved prescient. Withstanding the upheaval of the era and the German occupation, CZ emerged from the rubble of conflict with a renewed determination to rebuild and advance.

Post-war Europe craved industrial stability but also innovation. CZ possessed both the infrastructure and the intellectual capital to fill some of that void in the market. The company capitalized on its wartime experience, leveraging advancements in engineering to produce firearms that began to resonate with global markets. CZ was well on the road to establishing its reputation for quality. 

The company wasn’t simply surviving; it was thriving and positioning itself as a cornerstone of the industry. Česká zbrojovka continued to chart a course forward, defined by strategic growth, a growing portfolio of products, and commitment to its products and customers.

Photo of a man in the n Uherský Brod factory.
Privatization resulted in founding of the incorporated company, CZ. The main plant in Uherský Brod focuses on development and production of high-quality firearms. (Photo Credit: CZ Group)

Establishment of CZ-USA for Local U.S. Presence

In the late 1990s, recognizing the importance of the U.S.’s local market and manufacturing precedence, CZ decided to establish a firm foothold in the United States. CZ-USA was founded in 1997 and has operated out of Kansas City, Kansas since 1998. The subsidiary may have started as a distribution center and a link to the American people, but it catalyzed a much more significant expansion via strategic acquisitions. 

CZ-USA firearm
In 2019, CZ-USA began producing Firerams inside of the united States. (Photo Credit: CZ GROUP)

Important Acquisitions and Expansions

One of the hallmarks of CZ’s more modern business strategy has been acquisitions. A few of the more significant early purchases were Zbrojovka Brno, another small arms manufacturer in the Czech Republic or Czechia, and Dan Wesson firearms in the mid-2000s under its CZ-USA arm. Dan Wesson was a solid move for the company to expand into more American revolvers and other pistol markets, especially one with more local brand awareness.

Then, between 2014 and 2015, René Holeček took majority control of the company. Under his stewardship, CZ acquired a majority stake in 4M Systems, a tactical equipment supplier located in Czechia, resulting in more diversification and more security. 

The past half-decade has witnessed CZ’s continued metamorphosis and expansion into complementary areas, such as MIM or metal injection molding technology, with the acquisition of a stake in Vibrom in 2018. Then, later, in 2022, they invested significantly in Spuhr, an optics company in Sweden. This year, they’ve also dipped into the ammunition industry by acquiring a 100% stake in SwissAA Holding AG. 

So, as time moves on, the company continues to invest in being able to provide every level of equipment for people looking for anything involving or adjacent to a firearm. But those likely are far from the most significant investment they’ve made in recent history.

Transition to Colt CZ Group S.E.

One of the largest mergers in Firearms history occurred when Česká zbrojovka acquired Colt to become the Colt CZ Group S.E. 

Between Colt’s storied history, truly iconic products, and established Government contracts with the U.S., it was the final piece needed to make it the absolute juggernaut it is today. 

They folded Colt and its Canadian subsidiary Colt Canada into its operations and continued the legacies of some of the most influential names in the firearms industry. Moreover, this strategic move has enabled CZ to tap into Colt’s established networks, opening doors to new opportunities.

CZ’s Position Today

CZ stands as a leader within the global arms industry; the recent expansions and acquisitions have enabled the company to offer a broader array of products and services. The company continues to innovate and refine its product offering, which today includes pistols, rifles, and the successful Scorpion EVO and Shadow lines – not counting all their subsidiaries like Colt, Dan Wesson, Brno Rifles, and 4M Systems.

Military and law enforcement agencies use CZ firearms in many countries worldwide. Obviously, the Czech Republic, as the home country of CZ, extensively uses the company’s firearms in its armed forces, including the 805 Bren assault rifle, the standard-issue rifle for the Czech Army. The Czech police also use them, including the P-09 pistol. 

But this extends to many other agencies, as well, such as police in Argentina, France, Poland, and Turkey or Military units in Macedonia, Guatemala, Slovakia, and Serbia. Armed forces reportedly use them in more than 40 countries across the globe, and the company exports to over 90 countries worldwide.

Czech Republic Armed Forces
In the complete rearmament of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic includeed CZ 805 BREN A1/A2 assault rifles, CZ 805 BREN G1 grenade launchers, CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine guns, and CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM pistols. (Photo Credit: CZ Group)

Popular CZ Firearms

The CZ arsenal offers a combination of quality, innovation, and versatility. Here’s a look at a few of their most popular guns.

The CZ-75 Pistol

The CY-75 was introduced in 1975. It is a semi-automatic pistol known for its staggered-column magazine, all-steel construction, and hammer-forged barrel. It employs a short recoil-operated, locked-breech system using the Browning linkless cam locking system. The pistol is known for its double-action/single-action triggers and features a frame-mounted manual safety.

CZ 75 D
Here’s a closeup of the CZ 75 D. (Photo Credit: CZ Group)

The CZ 75’s slide rides inside its frame rails, a unique design compared to most semi-auto pistols. Early models had shorter slide rails and forged frames, but later models (from 1980 onwards) featured longer slide rails, cast frames, and a “half-cock” safety notch on the hammer​​.

In the mid-1990s, the CZ 75 was updated to the B model by adding a firing pin block. This safety feature is now present in almost all CZ 75 models, except some competition models​​.

CZ 600 Series Rifles

The CZ 600 was launched on the company’s 85th anniversary; the 600 Series replaced the older Mauser-type 500-Series. The series includes five models: Alpha, Ergo, Trail, Lux, and Range, and employs a tri-lug system for bolt action, allowing more straightforward production and affordability. Receivers come in three lengths to accommodate different cartridges. The system allows easy caliber changes within a given receiver size due to barrel/bolt head interchangeability​​.

CZ 600
one of the many flavors of the CZ 600, the Alpha. (Photo Credit: CZ Group.

It features a unique ejection system that combines a recessed plunger with Mauser-type inertia ejection, enhancing reliability and functionality​​. The magazine is a unitized polycarbonate with integral feed lips, offering staggered row storage.

The rifles feature a user-adjustable trigger with four tension settings and are guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA groups, varying slightly depending on the model​​.

P-10 Series Pistols

The CZ P-10C, introduced in 2016, is a striker-fired 9mm pistol. It quickly gained popularity and was named G&A’s 2017 Handgun of the Year. The series now includes various models like the P-10S (subcompact) and P-10F (full-size), with several color and feature options​​. The P-10F has a 19-round capacity, the P-10C has 15, and the P-10S carries 12 rounds​​.

The CZ P-10
Various models of the CZ P-10. (Photo Credit: CZ Group)

These pistols are praised for their ergonomics, crisp triggers, and interchangeable backstraps. They also have a low bore axis, contributing to better recoil management and accuracy across different sizes​​. They come with ambidextrous controls, full-length dust covers, and accessory rail cuts. The magazine release is reversible, accommodating both left and right-handed users​​.

From ONE Factory To Global Impact

Česká zbrojovka, has quite the story, beginning as a wartime necessity in Czechoslovakia and transforming into a significant player in the global firearms industry. Starting with a single factory, CZ went on to demonstrate incredible resilience and adaptability through strategic moves and intelligent acquisitions, including the legendary Colt.

Now, as an industry powerhouse, they’re a key player in civilian and military markets, trusted by armed forces and law enforcement in over 40 countries. What started in a small Czech town has made a considerable mark on the world stage.

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