FN Herstal's Line of Concealed Carry Guns

— Jason MosherCADRE Dispatch

FN America, a subsidiary of the FN Herstal Group, has a rich history dating back over a century and ties to legendary gunmaker John Moses Browning. Producing firearms for both military and civilian markets, FN Herstal’s military-grade design philosophy ensures civilians receive high-quality firearms modeled after battle-tested guns.

FN America has been gaining traction among law enforcement agencies nationwide with their full-sized FN 509 MRD LE. The 509 was even adopted by the LAPD, the second-largest police department in the nation. This surge in popularity is attributed to the firearm’s reliability, extreme durability, and other outstanding features.

While FN maintains a focused selection of duty pistols, they also offer exceptional choices for concealed carry. This underscores FN’s dedication to providing superior, durable firearms with a military pedigree.

FN Herstal Reflex.
FN Herstal makes a great line of guns for concealed carry and self-defense. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Let’s take a quick look at the concealed carry guns that FN offers.         

FN Reflex Series

The smallest and newest line of FN America’s CCW guns is the Reflex series. Made specifically for concealed carry, the Reflex is a compact 9mm handgun about the same size as the Glock 43. One exception is the grip, which is slightly wider than the G43, but holds more ammunition. When you purchase the FN Reflex, you get an 11 and 15-round magazine. For those with larger hands, the 15-round mag extends the grip by nearly one inch, making it comfortable to shoot.

FN Herstal Reflex 9mm.
The Reflex is FN America’s smallest 9mm firearm for CCW carry. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Another important thing to point out is the FN Reflex holds the same amount of ammunition as a Glock 19 when the extended mag is being used. The Glock 19 is an excellent mid-sized compact gun, but much larger than the Reflex.

There are two options available, which are the standard Reflex model and the Reflex MRD, an optics-ready version. This hammer-fired (concealed hammer) gun is an excellent choice for those who want a compact concealed carry gun.   

FN 509 Compact

Based on the popular 509 series striker-fired duty gun, the 509 is more compact and fully ambidextrous, making it a great carry gun. It features a loaded chamber indicator, high-visibility front dot sight, and 10, 12, or 15-round magazines.

One benefit of using the 509 compact is the thickness (1.35 inches) and other features are the same as the full-size 509. This gives the carrier the same feel as the full-size model but with a shorter grip and barrel. FN also offers the compact in a tactical version with suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel.

This is a perfect size gun for carrying concealed but not too small to handle effectively on the range or for self-defense.

FN Compact Tactical 9mm
The FN Compact Tactical 9mm includes a threaded battel. [Photo: FN America]

FN 509 Midsize

In comparison, the midsize 509 would be most comparable to the Glock 19 handgun. For those who want a handgun that is not as large as a duty/combat size but still in that full-size family, this is a perfect choice. Like the full-size and compact versions, it’s 1.35 inches wide and keeps the same fully ambidextrous controls.

Some models come with a removable optics plate for FN’s low-profile optics mounting system. These models include plate adaptors for mounting more than 10 different optics. It also has co-witness iron front and rear sights.

You can choose black or FN’s popular FDE finish.  Standard magazines are 15-round, but 10-round mags are available as well. The mid-size 509 has a trigger safety and manual safety.

FN 509 Midsize 9mm Tactical handgun.
FN 509 Midsize 9mm Tactical handgun. [Photo: FN America}

FN 509 fULL-sIZE

Designed after the FNS Compact, FN designed the 509 to meet the need for a duty gun. It has been tested extensively with more than one million rounds fired during tests.

The full-size 509 is a non-manual safety version and is large enough to serve as a duty gun or a larger concealed carry gun. This gun has a 4-inch barrel like the midsize version but has a longer grip which accommodates a 17-round magazine. Larger guns are harder to conceal in general, but they are often the choice for cold weather when more clothing can be worn to hide the gun.

FN America 509, 9mm in FDE.
FN America 509, 9mm in FDE. [Photo: FN America]

Holsters for the FN 509

There are a ton of holsters out there for the FN 509, but I gravitate to Safariland holsters because of their rigorous testing and multiple retention level options.

The IncogX is a great RDS-compatible IWB holster with adjustable tension, so it can be fine-tuned for firearm fit and draw feel. Another RDS-compatible option is the 6360RDS – ALS/SLS Mid-ride Level III Retention Duty Holster.

For a good belt-attachment holster for the gun with no light or optic, the 7287 7TS SLS is a great holster. If you want more of a duty-style holster but made for concealment, Safariland offers the 7367 7TS ALS Concealment holster. They also offer holsters for light only, or light and optic if you want to attach both to your handgun.

For leather options, Bianchi makes the Assent Pro-Fit open-top belt holster. This holster has a finger lock and the GLS (grip locking system) that locks the gun in place when holstered.

Inside the waistband holsters are available for the 509 as well. Because of its size, this type of carry may be more challenging, however, and could require a larger size of pants to accommodate the full-size gun.

Why choose FN America for Concealed CArry?

If you are looking for a new concealed carry gun, FN is a brand worth considering. They have a long, impressive history of making quality guns. There are several sizes to select from, and they all offer a high-capacity magazine option. Some models are available with threaded barrels for suppressors and removable optic plates.

FN Herstal guns are trusted by the US Military and Law Enforcement. It only makes sense to trust them for your next concealed carry gun.  

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