2023 Crossover: Glock 49 MOS Announced

— David ReederCADRE Dispatch

The availability of a new Glock model has been announced: the Glock 49 MOS. The G49 MOS is the official Glock term for a handgun style we’ve colloquially been referring to as the Glock 19L (nineteen ell) for years. Its story is similar to, but should not be confused with, the Glock 19X (nineteen exx).

Warning: lots of numbers and letters ahead. This specific topic and Glock’s nomenclature in general can be confusing.

In simplest terms, a G49 is just a G17-length slide and barrel atop a G19 frame and grip. This arrangement provides a couple of advantages over its parents:

  1. First, it’s easier to conceal. That’s due to the shorter (G19) grip.
  2. Second, it’s easier to control. That’s due to the longer (G17) slide and barrel.

Basically, it’s something of a “best of both worlds” arrangement.


If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the exact opposite of the G19X configuration released by Glock in 2018. That arrangement was a:

  1. Shorter (G19) barrel and slide on a
  2. Larger (G17) grip and frame

Until not too long ago, that sort of combination was only available if you assembled it or ‘smithed the G17 grip yourself with what my people call redneck engineering. Later we started to see compatible aftermarket G17 slides used with both OEM and some after-market frames. Then once the G47 came along you could assemble a G19L~ish pistol by putting a G17 Gen 5 slide and barrel on the G47 frame.

The Glock 49 grip and slide configuration is exactly opposite that of the Glock 19X.
Does G19 grip + G17 slide sound familiar? That’s the configuration referred to unofficially as the G19L (L for long) in the gun community. This is exactly the opposite of the G19X configuration so many people didn’t know they wanted. Why Glock didn’t stick with the number 19 I don’t know. We already had Glock 19, Glock 19X, and the slang term Glock 19L. Seems like an unneeded departure but they prob’ly had reasons I haven’t considered.

All that swapping can be confusing. The main takeaway is this: for years many people have been asking for something equivalent to a dedicated pistol in that “Glock 19L” configuration; now they can have one. The Glock Modular Optic Platform (MOS) platform is an RDS-capable bonus.

The Glock 49 Gen 5 MOS was debuted by Talo Distributors Inc., who broke news of the new handgun by saying they were “…proud to announce the introduction of the Glock G49 MOS to the United States commercial market. The G49 MOS is the next in a lineup of crossover models, similar to the popular Glock G45.

“The G49 MOS is essentially a G19 size grip frame with a G17 size slide, taking advantage of the proven carry frame size with a longer barrel and sight radius.”

That’s spot on. It will be interesting to see how initial sales of the Glock 49 MOS compare to those of the 19X when it was released.

As for holsters, Safariland expects the Glock 49 without a light to fit in all of Safariland’s Gen 5 Glock 17 holsters. If it does have a light, it will fit the same holsters as the G47 light-bearing holsters. Why the confusion there? The G49 has a receded guide rod like the G47.

They’ll have Duty Rated testing completed in short order. In the meantime, it’s an ideal option for carrying IWB with the IncgoX.

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