Optics Ready: The Taurus Judge T.O.R.O.

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With the advance of red dots on handguns, it only makes sense that they’d eventually be found on revolvers.

And why not? For the skeptics, there are a few reasons why red dots on revolvers can make sense. Aside from the most obvious reason that they just look cool, they can also offer practical benefits. Greater accuracy with shot placement is one of them, especially considering that a red dot can be zeroed to a specific type of ammo or grain weight. And, we can’t discount the benefit that red dots offer to older shooters with declining eyesight.

You may remember that in January of 2023, Taurus shook the industry with the release of the 856 and 605 Taurus Optics Ready Option revolvers. (The acronym for that is T.O.R.O., which honestly, is overtly brilliant in itself.) Well, now they’ve released an extension to the T.O.R.O line of revolvers with the Judge, which means the popular multi-caliber defensive revolver is now optics-ready.

The Taurus Judge TORO has an all-new optics plate that accommodates Holosun K-Series and Shield RMSC footprints. (Photo Credit: Taurus)

“What’s better than a Judge? A Judge with a dot on it.” ~Caleb Giddings, Taurus USA

According to Taurus, the Judge is their most popular revolver. As a multi-caliber revolver, it offers the ability to shoot .45 Colt and .410 bore shotshells. Adding a red dot to it only enhances its capabilities. Available in four models, the Judge T.O.R.O features an all-new optics plate that accommodates Holosun K-Series and Shield RMSC footprints. They also come with a fiber optic front sight, for shooting without an optic, should the user choose to do so.

The four Judge T.O.R.O. models are available in stainless or matte black, with cylinders that accept 45 Colt / .410 Bore shotshells at two or three inches, depending on the model.

The new Taurus Judge T.O.R.O is shipping now, with an MSRP starting at $615.99.

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