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Lights, camera, holsters! Movies like John Wick are like catalogs of cool. Gun nerds like me love watching action movies and pointing out all the guns we recognize. Other guys love spotting gear, like plate carriers and belts, and movies like Extraction are favorites. We can’t forget knife guys who do the same, but for pointy things. Let’s take a look at holsters from some of our favorite movies.

Safariland and the Movies

Safariland is in a ton of movies and television shows. Think of any movie where a background character is a police officer or soldier. If they have a handgun they are likely toting it in a Safariland rig. Here’s a look at movies where the main character is rocking and rolling with a piece of Safariland gear.

Extraction: 6354 ALS Tactical Thigh Holster

The first Extraction film was a sleeper hit on Netflix. It was a bit like John Wick in how it kept up and ended up being a fantastic action film. The action was a ton of fun, the stunts were performed brilliantly, and the movie was one of the few that elevated the action film genre. The film was a mixed bag with gear; some of the stuff was great. Other stuff was cheap knockoffs you can purchase from shady websites for 67 cents.

One of the good pieces of gear was our main character’s holster. Our hero, Tyler Rake, secures his Glock 17 in a Safariland 6354 ALS Tactical Thigh Holster. The simple ALS device makes your draw fast but secures the gun with the ALS retention device and a hood guard to prevent takes.

hemsworth in extraction wearing safariland tactical thigh holster
When your holster breaks….repalce it! (Courtesy Netflix)

With that said, Tyler’s holster looks to be broken. The hood is gone, and the holster looks like it was beaten up badly. The students were intense, so maybe it broke while filming?

(Replace your holster when it breaks. A broken holster is an unsafe holster)

Magnum Force: Safariland Comp II Speed Loader

Magnum Force is a Dirty Harry film that has Inspector Callahan investigating a series of murders potentially carried out by a police officer. Dity Harry attends a shooting competition where a police officer, John Davis, shows off some serious revolver skills with a Colt Python. The filmmakers must have consulted with a true revolver shooter because Davis knows what he’s doing.

man reloading revolver
Look at that reload technique! (Courtesy Warner Brothers)

His stance, grip, and technique are excellent for the era. Throughout the competition, Davis proves he has the goods. We see Davis execute a flawless load of his Colt Python with the use of a Safariland Comp II Speed Loader. It might not be a holster, but the Safariland Speed Loaders are still recognized as the best option for competition and even concealed carry.

Blade Runner: Custom Safariland 1001 and 1090

The sci-fi cyberpunk neo-noir film Blade Runner is well known for its themes on what it means to be human, its many edits, and, of course, the LAPD blaster. Deckard’s handgun is an interesting mix of a Charter Arms revolver, a Steyr rifle, and some parts, pieces, and shells. It’s not a real gun, but it needed a real holster.

The production team turned to Safariland, who modified a classic Safariland 1001 shoulder holster into a waist-mounted rig designed for the unique LAPD blaster. Someone even humorously labeled the holster the 2000.

blade runner - deckard with safariland holster and gun
The Safariland 2000 (A modified 1001) accomodated Deckard’s blaster. (Courtesy Warner Brothers)

Fast forward to 2017, and we get Blade Runner 2049. 2049 follows a replicant named K as he tracks down rogue replicants and eliminates them. He also carries an LAPD blaster in a Safariland 1090 holster. This shoulder rig is fairly unique. and designed to accommodate a wide variety of full-sized guns, which apparently includes the LAPD blaster.

1090 holster
The 1090 made it the Blade Runner 2049.

End of Watch: Safariland 6280

End of Watch is a crime drama film that follows two LAPD police officers throughout a few days on the job. The film is ‘shot’ largely by one of the officers who is completing a college project. It has an authentic feel and a good sense of realism. Our two LAPD officers are both beat cops armed with Glock 22s wearing Surefire X300 Weaponlights.

end of watch holster
End of Watch is gritty and realistic, so it makes sense to see a police officer with a Safariland holster. (Courtesy: Open Road Films)

Like most police in the country, they carry their rigs in Safariland holsters. We get a good look at the holsters a few times, and the holster of choice is the Safariland 6280. This mid-ride holster uses the self-locking system and is a Level 2 holster. It’s professional and well-suited for a weapon-mounted, light-equipped officer.

SEAL Team: 6354 ALS and 6378

The show SEAL Team is one of the few military-based television shows I’ve seen get things right when it comes to guns and gear. We see HK rifles, Spiritus Chest rigs, and, of course, Safariland Holsters. The sidearm of choice for our SEAL Team is most commonly the Glock 17, but the Glock 19 makes an appearance every now and then.

Real teams use Safariland, and so do the ones who play SEALs. (Courtesy Paramount)

Depending on the holster, we see a few different options for holsters. The two main rigs are the 6354 ALS in what appears to be a mid-ride configuration when the Glock 17 is carried. This is a more duty-oriented holster. When the 19 is carried, and the guys are wearing lower profile gear, it’s the 6378 with the Glock 19. This lacks the hood but still provides ALS retention.

Fast and Furious 5: Safariland Model 002 Cup Challenge Competition Holster

Safariland’s famed Model 002 Cup Challenge Competition Holster popped up in style in Fast and Furious 5. Dwayne Johnson plays a very intense Luke Hobbs, who leads a team of elite cops to arrest the Fast and Furious crew. His handgun of choice is the S&W Model 629 Competitor Performance Center.

hobbs with holster and rifle
Hobbs carries a comp holster with his S&W 629

This massive 44 magnum isn’t quite a modern tactical gun, but it fits the larger-than-life character. The 629 is carried in the Model 002 on a thigh rig. Much like the gun, this isn’t a tactical holster. It’s a competition holster built for speed and not exactly known for its retention and duty-use design.

Batman Vs. Superman: 6354 ALS Tactical Thigh Holster

Batman has a gun! In the film Batman vs. Superman, Bruce Wayne has a dream that’s called the Knightmare, where an evil Superman takes over. In that desolate world, Batman is a soldier and he carries guns — specifically a SCAR and a M1911 — and the best holster for freedom fighting in a fictional world is the Safariland 6354 ALS Thigh rig.

batman with guns and safariland thigh holster
Even Batman uses Safariland. (Courtesy: Warner Bros)

With the number of close-quarters fights he participates in, the active retention of this duty rig is an absolute necessity. He has even mastered the draw, as we see him engage in threats at close range with the M1911. Batman’s endorsement of the Safariland rig is all I need to hear.

Lights, Camera, Safariland

This is a small smattering of movies and TV shows where Safariland pops up. As a company, it dominates the market and, as you’d expect, tends to dominate the movies.

Finding creative examples of Safariland in the movies from a wide variety of genres wasn’t tough to do. My personal favorite is the fact someone at Safariland made the Model 2000 for Blade Runner, but what’s yours?

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