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— Kat StevensCADRE Dispatch

Shadow Systems is a custom-quality gun maker that could easily be considered the new hotness in the gun world. They aren’t exactly brand new on the market, but their name is gaining recognition with increasing speed.

Shadow Systems handguns are made for stellar quality and impressive performance as well as excellent aesthetic appeal. Their line of handguns is designed with a focus on top-tier performance for defensive use and the proof is in the results on-target. If you’re not familiar with them, you should be, and we’re going to tell you why.

shadow systems pistol
These are purpose-driven firearms. (Photo credit: Shadow Systems)

Shadow Systems — Company Background

In 2016, a group of performance-driven individuals founded Shadow Systems with the intent of creating a gun manufacturing company focused on personal security. The company put out the story of their name and goals on their website:

“The protector is often in the shadows. When high profile personalities require security as they travel, their armed escort is often referred to as their ‘shadow’…a bit of extra muscle that is just out of sight, but immediately ready for action. Everyone deserves to be ‘shadowed’ by a trusted and capable companion. Not everyone can afford a full security detail; but a Shadow Systems firearm? That’s easy.”

Shadow Systems goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of its manufacturing process and invests a great deal of thought — and experience — into the creation of its firearms. The gun maker utilizes proprietary MIM (metal injection molding) and injection molding tooling. MIM is fantastic for firearms manufacturing and involves merging plastic injection and powder metallurgy to shape and produce frames and components according to specific designs. With MIM the restrictions are fewer and the company can produce firearms with the precise design and style gun owners will benefit from in self-defense situations.

Made in America

Shadow Systems’ line of handguns are manufactured in Plano, Texas. Their factory is extensive enough to ensure the guns are entirely Made in America. In fact, the gun maker machines their parts in-house. Slides, barrels, triggers, and internal components are all made in Plano, allowing the company to keep a close watch on quality.

These are true custom-quality pistols and the attention to detail of these pistols extends far beyond their design. In addition to the many parts made in-house and the springs and connectors created according to specific engineering specifications, the guns are thoroughly tested in a variety of scenarios including competition, combat, and concealed carry.

What is the Shadow Systems Foundation Series?

foundation series handgun
The Foundation Series family of guns is designed to be sleek, simple, and reliable. (Photo credit: Shadow Systems)

The Shadow Systems Foundation Series is the family of duty handguns that offer sleek ergonomics and superior real-world applications. It includes models like the CR920, MR920, XR920, and the DR920. All four pistols are striker-fired and chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. Some features and details vary by model, but the guns do share some features.

Guns in the Foundation Series are built on the same high-quality polymer frames all Shadow Systems handguns feature. The aggressive texture on the grip and frame is a wrap-around style to optimize control. The guns ship with a trio of interchangeable backstraps, allowing the handguns to be more precisely fit to the user’s hand size and personal preferences.

Foundation Series slides have a nitride finish for durability and angled serrations at the front and back for easier manipulation. The barrels are match-grade and rated for +P ammo. A carbon steel guide rod improves overall performance and a drop-safe safety blade-style trigger is set at the factory between 4.5 and 5.0 pounds of trigger pull weight.

Holsters for Shadow Systems Handguns

Thanks to the compatibility of Shadow Systems handguns with Glock-style holsters, Safariland has hundreds of options for various models of guns.

The Safariland 27 Inside the Pants Holster, for example, is compatible with the Shadow Systems MR920. This holster facilitates fantastic concealment using IWB (inside waistband) carry. It’s made from semi-rigid SafariLaminate and features a J-shaped belt hook for easy attachment to the user’s belt line.

Numerous other options are available for Shadow Systems guns as well including many for open carry and duty use as well as shoulder holsters and drop-leg holsters.

shadow systems pistols
These guns were created with defensive use in mind. (Photo credit: Shadow Systems)

self-defense Handguns

Shadow Systems is heavily focused on creating handguns that are ideal for defensive applications. These pistols are great for carry use whether that means IWB (inside waistband), OWB (outside waistband), or AIWB (appendix inside waistband) carry. Their guns meet all the requirements for carry use such as reliability, accuracy, and comfort in the hand during live fire. The fact that the guns are also aesthetically appealing is simply a bonus.

Can Shadow Systems guns be used for competition?

DR920L long slide handgun
The DR920L is a competition-ready handgun right out of the box. (Photo credit: Shadow Systems)

Not only can you use Shadow Systems guns for competition, but there’s a specific model in the lineup that’s favored by competitive shooters.

The DR920L is a long-slide model that was created specifically for superior performance during competitions. It’s designed to give shooters an edge for accuracy and speed when it matters most. The DR920L is built on the company’s proven DR full-sized polymer frame and has a 5.3-inch barrel. It is an impressively flat-shooting pistol capable of rapid target re-acquisition and fantastic precision on target.

Features of the DR920L include interchangeable backstraps, serrations that wrap over the top of the slide, and wrap-around grip texture. The flat-face aluminum trigger is designed to be drop-safe and is set at the factory with a pull weight of approximately 4.5 pounds. This gun is slide cut to be optics-ready.

This gun is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and has a 17 +1 capacity. Its empty weight is 22.4 ounces. It comes standard with a black serrated rear sight and green outlined tritium dot front sight.

Should you get a Shadow Systems handgun?

It’s a great idea to add a Shadow Systems pistol to your gun collection whether you’re looking for a new carry gun, a gun for home defense, or a handgun for range use. Although these guns are designed with a focus on self-defense, they’re versatile and well-suited to a wide variety of applications. They offer various sizes of handguns as well, so you can find the best size to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Shadow Systems’ dedication to superior quality and performance is evident in the quality of their handguns. And thanks to the fact that these are truly purpose-driven handguns you can be confident you’re getting a well-made gun that’s gone through strict quality control.

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