SKB iSeries Double Rifle/Bow Case: It’s Just that Good

— William LawsonCADRE Dispatch

I own dozens of rifle cases. Hard, soft, padded, you name it. I even have several gun socks. Most are for single rifles, but I also have a couple of doubles. But I’ve never had anything like the SKB iSeries 4217-7 Double Bow/Rifle Case. My other cases protect my rifles just fine, but this thing is built like a tank. And that’s a good thing, since I didn’t really have a rifle case suitable for flying, and I anticipate needing that capability soon.

SKB iSeries Double Bow/Rifle Case
Plenty of room inside. (Author’s Photo)

SKB describes this case as a “double” bow and rifle case. That’s accurate for bows, though I don’t use it for that. But this case will actually hold four rifles, assuming they meet the length requirement. It holds four AR-pattern rifles with no trouble at all. So, let’s take a look at what makes this rifle case so outstanding.

SKB Double Bow/Rifle Case Specifications

  • Interior Length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Interior Width: 16 inches (40.64 cm)
  • Interior Lid Depth: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
  • Interior Base Depth: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Interior Overall Depth: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
  • Weight (Empty): 24.27 lbs. (11.01 kg)
  • Exterior Length: 45 inches (114.3 cm)
  • Exterior Width: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
  • Exterior Height: 8.25 inches (20.96 cm)
  • Available in Black, OD Green, or Desert Tan
SKB iSeries Double Bow/Rifle Case front
This thing is built like a tank. Note the stainless-steel reinforced padlock holes by the latches. (Author’s Photo)

SKB Case Construction

SKB Cases injection molds their iSeries products from ultra-high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin. This proprietary blend makes these cases lighter and 2.8 times stronger than other cases on the market. SKB maintains quality by designing, building, and finishing every case at their Orange, California factory. An unconditional lifetime parts and labor warranty for the original owner backs up every SKB case.

molded hinges and end handle on SKB rifle case
Note the molded hinges and the rubber lined, cushion grip handle. (Author’s Photo)

The iSeries cases are impact, UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus-resistant per MIL-STD 810G. The molded hinge provides greater security and durability than other options. Finally, the gasket-sealed case is submersible, waterproof, and dust-tight per MIL-STD 810G. My case was too big to submerge in my bathtub, but I sat it on its side in a mostly full tub for 30 minutes to test the water-tightness. The interior was completely dry when I opened it.

SKB iSeries Case Features

We’ve covered the case’s rugged construction, but there’s more to it. This iSeries case has six stainless-steel reinforced padlock holes to go with the six patented heavy-duty trigger release latches. SKB clearly takes your security seriously. The latch system can also be retrofitted with TSA-accepted key locking latches if desired.

trigger latches
The trigger latches lock and unlock positively. (Author’s Photo)


I certainly appreciate such a sturdy case, especially when it’s protecting my expensive rifles. But I couldn’t believe the space this thing has. I expected a two-gun case. But when I opened it for the first time, I immediately saw that would hold three or even four rifles.

Of course, I had to test my theory. I put four AR pattern rifles and a Taurus pistol box inside with no trouble. Then I swapped out a couple of ARs for two AKs just for funsies.

4-rifle capacity
My case easily holds all four of these rifles at the same time. (Author’s Photo)

And speaking of space, SKB notes that this case will accommodate two wider parallel limb bows like the Mathews Z7 series. I haven’t been into archery for decades, so I’ll take their word for it. I have, however, included a photo from their website demonstrating that fact.

Bow capacity
The case can accommodate two wide pattern bows. (

Returning to guns, my four rifles didn’t bump around on each other, either. I took them to the range to make sure. The rigid foam “bunk bed” layout provides a solid grip to hold my rifles in place, while the convoluted foam lid and separator cushion protect everything. Good stuff. That won’t be my regular load, but it’s nice to know that I can do it if I want.

Other Cool Stuff

That load did make the case heavy, but there were four rifles and a pistol inside a 24-lb. case. Not to worry. The case has two in-line skate-style wheels on one end, with a rubber-lined cushion grip handle on the other. It’s just like rolling luggage.

And those wheels are stout. They’ll hold up to the weight, and rough surfaces at the range, as well. There’s also an identical handle on the case’s front so you can carry it like a suitcase. The handles fold and snap against the case when not in use, so they don’t flop around.

SKB case wheels
These tough in-line skate wheels make the case very mobile. (Author’s Photo)

Another cool feature is the automatic ambient pressure equalization valve on the case’s front. I’d never considered something like that before, but if you’re flying, your case will likely be in the unpressurized cargo bay. This thing is near enough to airtight, so equalizing the pressure can help protect stuff like optics. This valve also meets MIL-STD 810G requirements. I dig it.

Personal Observations

I’ve been using and playing around with this SKB case for about a month, now. I’ve packed it with a variety of firearms and gear on four range trips. I’ve purposely knocked it around, whether loading it in my vehicle, unloading it, tossing it on range tables, and dropping it on the ground. Honestly, I only “tossed” it when it was empty, since my days of tossing heavy stuff like a fully loaded multiple rifle case are past. And this ain’t the Celtic Games anyway.

The worst thing that happened in all that were a few scuffs. The case operates flawlessly, and I never worried about busting up the latches, handles, or hinge pins. The ribbed molding protects them very well, and they’re also solid in their own right.

SKB iSeries Rifle Case rolling
Home on the range or at the airport. See what I did there? (Author’s Photo)

The trigger latches are very positive when opening and closing. I like that system a lot. There’s no doubt that the latches are where you want them to be. The bottom bedding foam seems sturdy, and I think it will hold up to years of use. It also lines the entire bottom section, including the side walls, providing the bunk bed effect.

The case is well-balanced when carrying or rolling. I haven’t experienced any weight distribution issues and don’t expect to. This case will be equally at home at the gun range or rolling through an airport.

Final Thoughts on the SKB iSeries 4217-7 Case

This is easily the best rifle case I’ve ever owned. Bar none. I obviously don’t need this kind of capacity all the time. But my job description means I often pack multiple firearms per range trip. This case makes that easier. I’m also glad that I now have a case I’m confident will protect my rifles when I fly. My other hard cases would be suspect. Not this one.

That sturdiness and the water and dust proof capabilities make the SKB case a prime candidate for strapping on the roof of a vehicle, even in rough terrain. I’m confident it would hold up and protect its contents very well.

SKB Cases Headquarters
100 percent Made in America. (

This SKB case is sturdy, well-built, and easy to handle. Even when it’s full. The designers clearly put some thought and experience into the features. It can be heavy, depending on what’s in it, but firearms and accessories always have a weight trade-off. Four rifles aren’t exactly a light load, and they need solid protection. They have it here.

I’m delighted with my SKB iSeries rifle case. The unconditional lifetime warranty shows that SKB has faith in their products. I fully expect this case to outlive me. I expect my son will still be using it long after I’m gone. I think it’s that good. So, if you’re looking for a top-quality rifle or bow case, check out SKB. I bet you’ll like yours as much as I like mine.

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