Steiner TOR Fusion Weapon Light: Built Tough

— Jason MosherCADRE Dispatch

If you want a quality laser/light combo, you need to check out the Steiner TOR Fusion. The TOR Fusion weapon-mounted light has a built-in laser but is still considered a compact light.

There are a lot of options for handgun-mounted lights and a variety of price tags that come with them. I’ll just say up front, this isn’t a budget-friendly light, but it is one of the best lights on the market. If you are looking for a quality light/laser combo, the TOR Fusion competes with the best of the best.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser
You can use the TOR Fusion as a light only, laser only, or with both at the same time. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

I have owned this light for a couple of years and it’s living up to the Steiner name. In the past, I’ve soaked it in water, dropped it, and performed other endurance tests. Because Steiner makes military equipment, it is no surprise that it passed all these tests with flying colors.

This light/laser combo is a hybrid of Steiners TOR Mini laser and the TOR Torchlight. Many times, adding a laser to the light makes it a little bulky. Looking at the TOR Fusion, it’s hard to tell that there’s even a laser built in, but there is and it works like a charm. 

TOR Fusion: small package with a big punch

It’s strange how fast things evolve from being a custom or tactical application to becoming the norm. Mounting a light on a rifle has been the norm for years, but handguns have caught up. Placing a bright light on the end of your handgun only makes sense when it’s this compact and comes with a laser.

Steiner constructed the TOR Fusion from military-grade aluminum and a single CR123 battery powers the 500 lumen light/laser. It uses a front-loading battery which I like because you can change it without taking the light off the gun.

Like many lights, the TOR Fusion uses a paddle-style button to activate the light, laser, or both.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser
The TOR Fusion is powered by one CR123 battery. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

One thing that is different with this light is the rubber grip texturing on the paddle switches. This makes the buttons easy to find and push without your finger slipping off. I activate the light with the thumb of my support hand and it’s comfortable to use.

The TOR Fusion has three settings: Low, High, and Strobe. Unlike other weapon-mounted lights, there is no momentary light setting. When you push on the paddle the light turns on and stays on until it’s pushed again. I am used to a momentary setting where the light turns off when you stop pressing the button. So, if you’re like me, this may take some getting used to.

Press and hold down either one of the paddle buttons to cycle through the three settings. Or you can press and hold both paddle buttons to cycle through the Laser, Light, or Laser + Light options.

TOR Fusion and handgun paring

Some lights may fit on a gun, but that doesn’t mean the combination works well. Other lights, however, look like they were made for certain guns and just work better on them. When I get a new light, I like to try it out on multiple handguns to see which ones it works best with.

I’ve tried the TOR Fusion out on a variety of handguns. These are the ones I think work great with this particular light/laser combo.

Glock 19 Gen 5

One of the most popular handguns on planet Earth — the Glock 19 — is a great handgun for the TOR Fusion light. It has a good fit that looks streamlined with the gun.

The paddles rest on each side of the trigger guard at just the right distance for easy control. With a two-handed grip, I can press the paddle with the thumb of my support hand. Reaching the button on the other side with my index finger is also easy to do.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser
The Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser fit the Safariland 6378 ALS holster great when mounted on a Glock 19 gen 5. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The end of the light sticks out past the muzzle about half of an inch making it a great fit. I prefer lights to be flush with the muzzle or stick out just past the muzzle of the gun. This is so the muzzle doesn’t create a shadow when using the light.

This light is just a little smaller than the Streamlight TLR-1 weapon-mounted light, but there are still options for holsters. I found the TOR Fusion fits my 6378 ALS holster (light only, no optic) Safariland holster perfectly.

Walther PDP Compact

The Walther PDP Compact is one of my favorite handguns. I use both the compact frame with a 4-inch barrel and the 5-inch barrel. I found the Steiner TOR Fusion fits best on the shorter barrel when the adjustment bar is in the furthest position. I’ll talk about the adjustment bar here in a minute.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser on Walther PDP compact handgun
Walther PDP Compact with the TOR Fusion. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

I haven’t tested the Steiner and Walther PDP in any holsters, but I did take it to the range. Like the G19, the light is comfortable and easy to control while shooting. Because the Picatinny attachment is adjustable, I can mount the light against the trigger guard of the PDP.

CZ P10 M 9mm

Mounting a light to the CZ P10 M requires a different attachment because the groove for the block to fit into is closer to the trigger guard than larger guns. Other lights often use different mounting blocks for different guns. But all I had to do with the TOR Fusion was move the bar down a few notches and the light fit it perfectly.

It sticks out past the muzzle further than it does on the G19 and Walther PDP, but it’s still a great fit. I also fired the P-10 at the range because I wanted to use the laser-only option. My P-10 is not optics-ready, so a laser is the perfect alternative for this.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser
While the CZ P-10 is a compact gun, the TOR Fusion worked great with it. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

This is a smaller gun that works great for CCW, home defense, or keeping in a vehicle. provided some Sellier & Bellot 124 gr 9mm ammo for the review and it was much appreciated. I will note that Sellier and Bellot ammo is great quality ammo for the price. I’ve never had any misfires and it shoots clean and accurate. 

You can zero the laser on the TOR Fusion by using a small Allen wrench, and it only took me a few shots to zero it. Because of its short barrel, I zeroed it at 15 yards. The green laser is easy to see and, as I mentioned before, can be used as a laser-only option, if desired.  

Adjustable rail for multiple sizes of handguns

Most handguns have one or more slots or “notches” cut into the Picatinny rail for mounting a light or laser. On the item being mounted, a bar rests on top that fits into this slot. Some handguns have only one slot which means the bar on the light or laser will only fit in one place.

If the light has adaptors that come with it, you can switch one out that places the bar in a different location. This moves the light closer or further away from the trigger guard. What’s cool about the Steiner TOR Fusion is that it has six slots and the bar can be moved around without needing any other parts.

Steiner TOR Fusion light/laser
There are six slots for adjusting the Picatinny rail block on the TOR Fusion light. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

To adjust it, simply unscrew the rail screws until the bar is loose enough to move to another slot (see photo above). This allows the TOR Fusion to fit into the slot on the gun rail and still rest against the trigger guard where it should. There are no extra parts to keep track of or change, which makes the process very simple and quick.

If you want A quality Weapon-Light, check out the Steiner Fusion TOR

Steiner has been making binoculars, optics, lights, and more for years. The company was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner and is located in Bayreuth, Germany. Steiner is a name associated with quality, and as part of the Beretta Holdings Group, they continue to grow.

The TOR Fusion is compact and smaller than many other lights on the market, but it also includes a laser. This is especially handy when mounting it on a gun without an optic. And don’t think it’s for handguns only. I’ve also used the TOR Fusion on several pistol-caliber carbines and AR-15 rifles.

It’s a great light that was made to be in the field and used extensively. The battery is easy to swap out and you can switch the function setting within seconds. For someone wanting a light and laser, it’s hard to find a better deal than the Steiner TOR Fusion.

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