The Arex Delta X Gen 2: A New Contender

— Travis PikeCADRE Dispatch

Another day, another striker-fired polymer frame 9mm pistol. It seems like we get a new one weekly. I’m not jaded, but I would like to see the industry get more creative and try different things.

Does the Arex Delta Gen 2 series do things differently? Well, that’s what we aim to find out today. I have my hands on the Arex Delta X Gen 2, or as Arex calls it, the Gen.2. 

gun and holster cover
Putting the Delta X in the Incog X.

Arex Defense is a Slovenian company that produces a number of handguns and imports them through Global Ordnance. Arex Delta is most famous for a pistol called the Rex, which is a steel frame, DA/SA design that is more or less a SIG P226 clone.

The Delta series is Arex’s polymer frame, striker-fired entry into the handgun market. It’s a bit less known than the Rex, but is it any less capable? 

What does the X stand for? 

X is just a cool initial to use. It seems like Glock started using the X initially, and people liked it. It typically means a longer grip module combined with a shorter slide. In the Glock world, it’s a G19 slide combined with a G17 frame. With Arex Delta, it’s the M slide with the L Frame.

The M model is the standard model that hits that Glock 19-sized checkmark. The L is the full-sized model that’s more akin to the Glock 17. It’s a compact slide with a full-sized grip module.

One of the neat features of the Arex Delta Gen 2 guns is the ability to mix and match slides and grip modules without any drama. You can convert the gun to an L with the purchase of an L slide. 

To explain it better, let’s just look at the numbers. 

Arex Delta X Specifications and Features 

Barrel Length: 4 inches 
Length:7.38 inches
Height: 5.1 inches
Width: 1.18 inches
Weight: 20.8 ounces
MSRP: $450 

It’s big, but not too big. It fits perfectly in my Incog X holster. I figured X would meet X quite well, and I was right.

Incog arex Delta
The IncogX is a great holster for concealed carry.

The Arex Delta X model comes in both an optics-ready and standard model. I have the optics-ready version, and it’s outfitted with a Steiner MPS red dot.

The OR system from Arex utilizes a series of included plates to mount and accommodate a ton of different optics. Mounting optics on the gun is easy, and I didn’t run into any issues with my enclosed emitter Steiner MPS. 

arex delta pistol with Steiner MPS red dot.
The Arex Delta Gen 2 series is very modern.

The gun has a predictable Picatinny rail for lights and accessories. It also has a series of backstraps to customize the size of the gun’s grip.

At the bottom of the grip, the gun has an integrated magwell that’s fairly flared. The gun comes with two 17-round magazines and two optional +2 extensions to bring the capacity to 19 rounds. 

Ergonomics For the Win 

On paper, the Arex Delta Gen 2 series doesn’t seem that different from most modern pistols. Modern pistols are popular for a reason, so that’s not a bad thing.

It’s when you pick up the Arex Delta M that you notice the difference. The grip is super slim and very ergonomic. The grip is downright svelte, thin at the right spots, and rounded at the right spots. It fits my hand super well and provides a nice high grip on the gun. High grips equal more control. 

Arex delta gen 2 trigger
The Arex Delta Gen 2 guns feature flat-faced triggers.

Arex certainly believes in a little thing called ambidexterity. The controls, which just include a slide lock and magazine release, are both completely ambidextrous. The slide stop is very small but has a nice shelf that helps make it easier to hit. I still prefer the slingshot method with this gun. The mag release is easy to hit, and the mag drops free with ease.

It’s a surprisingly nice setup, and it’s not what I expected from a fairly unknown gun from Slovenia. 

At the Range 

A quick zero of my Steiner MPS, and I was ready to rock and roll. One of the good things about zeroing a red dot on a handgun is that it gives you a reason to try and shoot as accurately as possible. I zeroed first at 15 yards, and then I moved to 25 yards and got the zero honed in.

Man aiming red dot
The Arex Delta X handles well .

I was pleasantly surprised at the Arex Delta X’s accuracy. The gun could produce some very respectable groups with the gun. I was able to keep all of my shots in a group approximately 3.5 inches wide from a rested position.


The trigger doesn’t feel too rough. At first, it felt a bit like plastic on plastic, but admittedly, during testing, this wore away and smoothed out. I do like the flat-face design from an ergonomic perspective. It’s also very comfortable and feels good, and nothing has ever rubbed or ground on my finger. 

The trigger pull is very similar to most other striker-fired guns. The pull is short, with a bit of pretravel before a fairly crisp break. It’s your standard pre-cocked striker-fired trigger.


Accuracy really comes from a good grip more than the trigger. I was able to obtain a nice high grip on the gun and exercise some natural recoil control.

arex delta x grip
The grip allows for a nice high hold on the gun.

At 15 yards I delivered consistent shots on a series of three-inch circles on an RE Factor Essentials Target. Back out to 25 yards, I put some slow-fire, offhand shots into an A-zone-sized rectangle. I even stepped back to 50 yards and, without much stress, put shots into an IPSC-sized steel target. 

Shooting Fast 

The Arex Delta X model made it super easy to throw lead quickly and efficiently. I’ve been doing something called the Kill Card drill, which I’ll explain in Fast Forward. It’s eight shots fired on three different targets with two reloads in seven seconds from the draw.

I really liked that my thumb didn’t pin down the slide lock on the Arex when I shot. This makes reloads a lot easier, and with the precious time I have, I don’t want to slow down. The mag well’s extra room goes a long way, too. 

arex delta magazine
The Arex Delta Gen.2 comes with a 17-round 9mm magazine with an option for a +2 extension.

I haven’t quite made it to the top of the leaderboard with my Kill Card drill, but it’s a steady work in progress and one I enjoy pursuing.

The Arex Delta X isn’t to fault for my unhappiness with speed. That’s more on me. The gun doesn’t have any major faults that keep me from going faster. In fact, I find myself liking the longer grip for an easier draw and easier reloads. 

Gun and holster
The longer grip makes it easier to draw.

The red dot helps a lot, but the included iron sights aren’t bad. They are three dots and metal, so they get points for durability. I can still go way faster with the dot. I do feel the dot sits a little high, but that’s also due to the enclosed design and the plate system. 

Arex Delta X Gen 2: An Underrated Option 

I’m surprisingly impressed by this gun. It might be another striker-fired, polymer frame 9mm handgun, but it’s a nice one. The combination of a ton of nice features and the low price make it an attractive pistol. While the MSRP is $450, it seems to sell for around $300. That makes it an absolute steal.

Is it perfect? No, but neither is any other gun. The gun is accurate, reliable, easy to handle, and has all the modern features you can’t help but love.

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