Wilson Combat: Unmatched Excellence

— Kat StevensCADRE Dispatch

For almost half a century, Wilson Combat has been crafting guns that range from tactically sharp to simply stunning. Of course, regardless of the eye-catching qualities of the company’s handguns and rifles, they’re not meant to be safe queens. Firearms manufactured by Wilson Combat are made to be used.

These guns are designed for the ultimate in reliability and accuracy, and they look good doing it. And not only does Wilson Combat produce their own guns, they’re also known for occasionally collaborating with other manufacturers to enhance existing standard models.

Yes, the company has been around for some time and seems to have done it all, but somehow it remains on the cutting edge of technology.

wilson combat handguns
Wilson Combat manufactures an extensive line of handguns and rifles. (Photo credit: Wilson Combat)

About the Company

Wilson Combat is owned by founder Bill Wilson, whose self-proclaimed infatuation with firearms began decades ago. Technically, the gun manufacturer can trace its roots back to 1974, when Bill Wilson got his start with Sportsman’s Headquarters. As its name suggests, Sportsman’s Headquarters was a business catering to outdoorsmen, which certainly has something to do with the firearms industry. It didn’t take long for Wilson to venture into firearms exclusively. By 1977, Bill Wilson was making a name for himself as a custom firearms manufacturer, one capable of delivering unequaled craftsmanship.

The gun giant got its start in Berryville, Arkansas, and remains there to this day. Of course, their state-of-the-art facility has grown in leaps and bounds since 1977. In fact, in 2020 the company expanded its manufacturing facility by 16,000 square feet, giving them even more room to produce the guns we all know and love. That addition brought the total size to 93,200 square feet. (To give you an idea of how large that is, a football field is 57,600 square feet.) And while it’s not a small custom shop in square footage, its products speak to the dedicated mindset that remains from decades ago, when it really was a small shop.

Wilson Combat isn’t only a respected manufacturer in the custom firearms world, they clearly take the business seriously. This means an incredible array of equipment including a dozen horizontal mills, 14 vertical mills, a six-spindle reamer, and four CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines). There’s more, such as the four-spindle gun drill and the heat treat machine, but as you can see, the gun maker puts significant work into the manufacturing process.

The facility is fantastically large and takes care to utilize the latest technology to produce the highest quality firearms possible.

wilson combat factory floor
Wilson Combat takes the design and production of parts seriously. (Photo credit: Wilson Combat)

It isn’t only receivers or frames Wilson Combat manufactures in-house. The company makes its own AR barrels according to strict tolerances and states that Wilson Combat 1911 components are CNC precision-machined with what they call 100% BulletProof construction. Manufacturing so many parts themselves makes it possible to keep a close eye on quality control, while also evolving smoothly with changing technology. From start to finish, these firearms are crafted with care.

Let’s take a look at some popular models.

the Wilson Combat P320

The WCP320 is an improved SIG P320 that benefits from Wilson Combat’s attention to detail. (Photo credit: Wilson Combat)

The Wilson Combat P320 — listed as the WCP320 — is an improved version of the existing SIG Sauer P320 handgun. This gun was designed in collaboration with SIG for the purpose of creating an enhanced P320, and they definitely accomplished that.

The pistol utilizes the Wilson Combat P320 grip module, which features the recognizable Wilson Combat starburst, and is reimagined for fantastic precision and exceptional details. That means the slide is re-machined and has Wilson Combat X-TAC pattern serrations, the magazine well is beveled, and the trigger can be fine-tuned by the gun maker using Grayguns parts.

The WCP320 also comes standard with Wilson Combat Battlesights and a red fiber optic front sight. It shoots beautifully, is more comfortable in the hands during live fire, and produces excellent results on paper.

As popular as the original SIG Sauer P320 is, it made sense for Wilson Combat to put its own careful touches on it, and the results make it a gun worth the investment.

the Wilson Combat P365

wilson combat wcp365
The WCP365 line of pistols are all fantastic for self-defense use. (Photo credit: Wilson Combat)

The Wilson Combat P365 — WCP365 — is a modified SIG Sauer P365 created for greater overall performance. The P365 is a top-selling carry gun and when Wilson Combat added their touches to it, the gun got even better. Upgraded parts include changes to the pistol’s shape, texture, and ergonomic design. There are eight Wilson Combat P365 variants available including the WCP365L and the WCP365XL.

If you prefer the larger size of the WCP365XL and wish to use it as an everyday carry gun, the Safariland INCOG X IWB Holster is a fantastic option for concealment. The INCOG X IWB Holster is available molded to the shape of the gun and includes choices of holsters with and without optics and light compatibility.

The entire line of the WCP365s is well-suited to daily carry, and Safariland offers holsters to make carrying them more comfortable and effective.

The Safariland Incog X IWB Holster is a good option for carrying the WCP365XL.
The Safariland Incog X IWB Holster is a good option for carrying the WCP365XL.

the Wilson Combat SFX9

wilson combat sfx9
The SFX9 is offered in different sizes including full-sized and subcompact. (Photo credit: Wilson Combat)

The SFX9 is a family of solid-frame handguns of varying sizes, all created for unmatched performance in a variety of conditions. Variants include models with 5.0-inch, 4.0-inch, and 3.25-inch barrel lengths. Within those sizes, differing capacities are offered in certain models.

The SFX9 line consists of 1911 platform handguns made with a variety of finishes, sights, and triggers. These handguns are a good fit for daily carry, home defense, and range use. All Wilson Combat SFX9 1911s are chambered in 9mm.

For Government-sized 1911s, which have 5.0-inch barrels, Safariland offers a variety of drop-leg holster options for tactical applications. This includes the ALS/SLS Tactical Holster with Quick-Release Leg Strap and the ALS OMV Tactical Holster. There are also options such as the 7378 7TS ALS Concealment Paddle and Belt Loop Combo Holster for beltline wear.

Is there a Wilson Combat Beretta?

Wilson Combat offers extensive customizing options for Berettas as well as their own variants of the Beretta 92G. Custom options for the Beretta 92/96 series include an action tune, Armor-Tuff finishes, and a variety of parts. Wilson Combat Beretta parts offered include everything from a de-cocker to spring kits to guide rods.

Yes, Wilson Combat can fully customize your existing model of the appropriate Beretta series. The company doesn’t just make their own firearms to exacting specifications — they improve on existing designs as well.

Are Their magazines good?

Magazines are a rather common failure point in other manufacturers’ 1911s which is why it’s so important to find quality magazines for your gun. The Wilson Combat 1911 magazine design is made for reliable feeding and durability. Many 1911 owners consider these magazines to be the best on the market.

Of course, the company notes that their magazines aren’t necessarily compatible with every 1911 on the market, because many 1911s require proprietary magazines. But in instances where the magazines are compatible, they work exceptionally well and are a great idea when it’s time to add magazines to your collection.

Their 1911 magazines are currently offered in 9mm, 38 Super, 40 Smith & Wesson, 10mm, 45 ACP, and 460 Rowland. Magazines are made for full-size and compact frames in single-stack configurations. They’re also available for Wilson Combat double-stack 1911s chambered in 9mm.

Should you get a Wilson Combat handgun?

If you’re in the market for an exceptionally well-made handgun — or an AR-15, for that matter — Wilson Combat should be among your first stops. Not only do they design and manufacture an extensive line of custom firearms but they offer numerous enhanced versions of standard models. This means fans of the SIG Sauer P320 can up their live fire game with the WCP320 and people who prefer the feel of a Beretta 92G can make the change to a customized gun such as the Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Centurion Tactical.

There’s simply no gun like a Wilson Combat firearm. For unrivaled aesthetics and flat-shooting accuracy, go to Wilson Combat.

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