Rick Crawley



Marine Veteran and Prior Law Enforcement Officer, Rick Crawley has spent a lifetime at the range. A native of Ohio, Crawley spent his formative years as a squad leader and a scout sniper team leader, he deployed three times in support of OEF and OIF. Upon completing duty in 2017, Crawley served in Law Enforcement as a SWAT Team Member, Firearms Instructor, and Patrolman. Crawley now teaches pistol and carbine training all over the country and launched the infamous Rx Range Day and Ohio Range Day, two multi-day community-based training events partnering with industry-leading companies. His company Achilles Heel Tactical has helped dozens of organizations, and thousands of students, come together to celebrate the skill and precision of firearms (check out the Achilles Heel course calendar). Want to meet Rick? Find him at one of the many events happening this year.

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