Bianchi Holster Fit Groups


Bianchi® holsters have a different numbering system than Safariland holsters. Part numbers are 5 digits and are random, so Bianchi offers FIT GROUPS as a quick size reference.  This designation, initially developed for resellers to place orders, is also included on Bianchi packaging to designate a certain holster size. It’s a simple informational tool that allows the user to determine, across several Bianchi models, which gun will fit in the holster, though it does not replace the more specific fit information on the label.

In general, to determine whether a specific Bianchi holster is available for your handgun, refer to the Holster Finder or the Holster Selector Guide in the Bianchi Order Guide.  FIT GROUPS
can be found in the Order Guide in the leftmost column in the product section.  Likewise, on the product label the FIT GROUP can be found on the left hand side.

for example

In the Order Guide you’ll see 58 line item listings for gun models that fit the Bianchi Model 7 Shadow® holster, however there are 35 FIT GROUPS.  That means that we offer 35 different holster sizes that fit all the gun models listed.

FIT GROUP 21 for the Shadow fits the standard 1911-style handgun   So as you scan the list, all the following guns will fit the same part number.  Colt Government et. al., Para Ordnance P14, P16; Ruger SR1911; S&W SW1911; Springfield 1911A1.

Note that for AccuMold® holsters where we already offer specific holster sizes the FIT GROUPS will be the actual holster size number.  It is also important to note that FIT GROUPS may not be identical from holster to holster, but they will be close.  For example FIT GROUP 10A in one model may not fit the same guns as 10A in another model, due to differing designs, and the number of FIT GROUPS but they will be similar.