Gas Mask Compatibility

Due to the increased use of non-lethal crowd control devices and deployment of gas, several products are available to integrate an issued gas mask with tactical communications accessories.


When considering purchasing a gas mask, it’s important to keep your options open to have the capability to integrate communications in the future, even if your team doesn’t need comms right now. In a situation involving large crowds and reduced visibility, having the ability to communicate clearly to other officers becomes critical.


Gas mask compatibility products provide alternative communication solutions to basic gas mask inputs or can extend the capability of a device with no standard input. These products are available for single comm devices only, they are easy-to-use and don/doff, and can be stored for extended periods of time with the officer’s gas mask. The Gas Mask Adapter and Two-Wire kit provide simple solutions to ensure officer safety when protective equipment is used. We provide a communication solution through the Avon gas mask.

The Gas Mask Adapter is an economical integration solution that connects easily to existing communications systems. The adapter can be left connected to the end user’s gas mask until needed. No modification to existing gas mask or communications accessories are required.

The Two-Wire kit for gas masks is a standalone accessory allowing officers to wear a two-wire earpiece and have the ability to easily and clearly communicate through a gas mask. Simple installation of the gas mask cable permits information to be transmitted through the microphone on an Avon gas mask.

This kit provides a quick transition from radio communications to seamless gas mask communications which allows the officer to transmit and listen with the same process as without the gas mask. The kit is available for a variety of radios and in left and right configurations.

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