Holster Ride Options

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the ride height for your duty holster. Departments may regulate the height as part of its uniform code, in which case variations may need to be authorized. Other factors include usage and body type.

Ultimately, ride-height comes down to personal preference between the three primary choices: low-, mid-, and hi-ride:

Start of LOW-RIDE tab
Safariland® Low-Ride Duty Holster


The low-ride UBL (Universal Belt Loop) option is approximately 1.5” lower than the mid-ride option and is considered the “tactical” choice. It is the one most frequently chosen by tactical teams and clears body armor the best. The low-ride UBL places the butt of the pistol just below the belt line and is considered the fastest position to draw from because it is closest to the hand.

For those who want to choose the cant position on their holster, the low-ride CUBL (Cantable Universal Belt Loop) allows users to adjust the angle of the holster based on their preference.

In general, the low-ride option is not ideal for all-purpose duty because its lower position on the belt makes it uncomfortable for sitting in chairs or car seats.

Women often prefer a low-ride option as it can provide a better fit to wear the duty belt lower on the hip line, depending on duty requirements. This rig setup can also make it easier to access  a grip on the firearm. Look for 6075UBL or XXX5 in model numbers.

Start of MID-RIDE tab
Safariland® Mid-Ride Duty Holster


The mid-ride UBL is the most popular, and suitable choice for all-around duty or patrol use. The mid-ride option generally places the butt of the pistol even with the belt line, which makes it a more comfortable fit when driving in a car or doing office work than the low-ride UBL. Look for 6070UBL or XXX0 in model numbers.

The mid-ride CUBL version allows the user to adjust to their preferred cant.

Start of HI-RIDE tab
Safariland® Hi-Ride Duty Holster


The high-ride UBL is approximately 1.5” higher than the mid-ride option and is often called “detective carry.” It places the butt of the pistol just above the belt line and is very comfortable for sitting in a vehicle or doing office work. The traditional butt-forward cant is a popular version for this mount. Look for 6072UBL or XXX2 in model numbers.

A CUBL version is also available for those who wish to adjust the cant.

While there are a range of considerations to think about when choosing the ride-height, ultimately, it will come down to personal preference.