Threaded Barrels and Muzzle Plugs


We are often asked about fit options for pistols with threaded barrels.  While in the past, the use of threaded barrels was considered rare and not mainstream, primarily used in competition guns with a compensator or in mounting a suppressor, today you can find threaded barrels available in most all factory-built guns, from full-sized pistols to compact carry models. With this more standard use, let’s clarify this subject in relationship to fit choices in Safariland holsters. 

NOTE: There are many different barrel manufacturers, due to this, variances may occur and Safariland cannot say positively whether specific barrels will work with our holsters.


Safariland DUTY and TACTICAL models:

Most holsters have clearance at the bottom to accommodate the threaded barrel. 

NOTE: Even with clearance in the holster, the muzzle may protrude from the bottom making potential damage to the crown or threads of the barrel possible.

Safariland CONCEALED models:

Most concealed models work with the added length on threaded barrels if they are “Open Muzzle” builds.  This includes the GLS Pro-Fit Models, 7TS Series, 5197 Models, 567 Custom Fit Model, and a few others fall into this category. 

NOTE: Even with clearance in the holster, the muzzle may protrude from the bottom making potential damage to the crown or threads of the barrel possible.


Safariland DUTY, TACTICAL and CONCEALED models

Light-bearing holsters are built a little differently due to our retention standards.  Most light-bearing holsters use a part called a muzzle plug or stop which stabilizes the barrel under stress in a physical confrontation and allows the use of with and without light holstering in some holster models.  Safariland muzzle plugs are depth set to the length of factory OEM standard barrels.  The typical overage on threaded pistol barrels can run from .437″ or less and go up to .500″ or longer.  This additional length for the threads can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and the specific use required for the threading.  The extra length will not allow the gun to seat fully into the holster once the threaded barrel’s end hits the muzzle stop, which prevents the ALS lock from engaging on the ejection port correctly.

For some weapon models, ordering a fit size up may accommodate the threaded barrel depending on the next firearm’s overall length.  Ensure fit by checking against our WILL FIT Lists for BBL.  For example, a Glock 19 with threaded barrel will typically fit a Glock 17 holster fit code as it accommodates the longer barrel length.  Keep in mind that no holsters are built longer than the longest weapon model available. This means if you have a threaded barrel on a Glock 34, there is not a more extended holster model available.  Your option would be to choose a weapon only model with an open-muzzle like the GLS Pro-Fit holster models. 

This same philosophy applies to the addition of compensators as well.  In addition to the barrel’s length, the external dimensions of a compensator would have to be in line with the profile of the slide or lessor. Compensators wider or taller than the slide will not fit into OEM fits.

A word of caution, if the barrel does not meet up to the muzzle plug, you may experience vertical play in the holster and possibly compromise your retention. Talk to a customer service representative if you have questions.