Firearm Type/Make/Model

Safariland® and Bianchi® holsters are built to exacting standards for the correct fit and retention. Knowing your firearm type, make, model, caliber and barrel length are critical to getting the right holster fit.

firearm type



The pistol is a handgun and a more popular choice for everyday carry than a revolver. In comparison they are quicker to reload, have a lighter trigger and are generally slimmer and weigh less. In today’s law enforcement world, almost all officers are going to carry a semi-automatic pistol.



The revolver is a handgun used for everyday carry with a low capacity of 5-9 rounds, and has a heavy trigger and a long stroke (which is considered safer for less knowledgeable shooters). They are slow to reload, but the common consensus is that they don’t malfunction, and guarantee that all rounds can be fired. In the public safety industry, the revolver is more likely to be used by security officers or in foreign markets. As an exception there are plainclothes or detectives that may carry a revolver as a primary weapon, or as a backup.

Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW)


An electronic discharge weapon is a secondary tool for law enforcement used for temporary incapacitation. There are a variety of models of EDW and corresponding holsters, with different retention levels and carry options.

firearm model

Much like the car industry, manufacturers create various gun models over time. Different models could have differences in size, shape, caliber, or be single- or double-column mag. It’s important to know that some manufacturers change the specs of their models every few years, and that can alter the exterior holster fits.

To find out what model gun you have, go to the manufacturer’s website, or examine your gun’s original packaging. You should also be able to find more detailed specifications on your firearm as well. However, if you have an older gun model, your model may not be listed on the manufacturer’s website as some companies only list current, available models.