Med-Eng Releases New Protective Ensemble and Visor System for Tactical Operations

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January 22, 2018

Med-Eng Releases New Protective Ensemble and Visor System for Tactical Operations
Modular system delivers enhanced protection for tactical officers conducting hostile missions

OTTAWA, Canada – Med-Eng®, a brand of The Safariland Group, today announced the unveiling of an enhanced variant of its popular TAC 6 multi-threat protective suit and new ARC Rail Visor Mount. This lightweight modular system provides blast, fragmentation and optional ballistic threat protection to tactical officers and military teams where there is a requirement for high mobility and the need to return fire. The ARC Rail Visor Mount allows operators to quickly mount a Med-Eng blast protective visor to their tactical or combat helmet. Both will be on display at the 2018 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Trade) Show, January 23 to 26, booth #12762.

This new TAC 6 variant features a purpose-designed shoulder protector that can be donned or doffed while continuously wearing a respirator to protect against chemical, biological or other airborne threats. It also allows for better shouldering of a long-barreled weapon during tactical operations, Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and precision shooting. In the event of a medical emergency, the shoulder protector can be easily removed by medical experts to mitigate risk of further injury and to start applying advanced first aid.

Rob Reynolds, vice president / general manager, said, “We are very pleased to introduce this protective system to the user community because it provides a truly integrated solution. Users can complement their existing protective equipment and have confidence in knowing they have multi-threat protection in hostile missions.”

This modular ensemble enables tactical and military teams to supplement their existing ballistic armor, such as the PROTECH® Tactical series, for greater coverage. The TAC 6’s system of components covers the torso, groin, arms and legs, with optional plate packages. This allows the operator to maintain overall mobility, minimize carried weight where possible, and gain protection from blast and fragmentation explosive threats. The system includes a new webless MOLLE outer layer on the front of the optional chest plates so operators can mount duty gear such as Safariland® holsters, pouches and other tools. Additional enhancements are expected to follow as this new platform is further launched in 2018.

The new ARC Rail Visor Mount allows an operator to protect the facial area by quickly mounting any of the four Med-Eng visors equipped with an ARC Rail System to their current tactical or combat style helmet also equipped with bolted ARC Rails, including helmets from PROTECH Tactical and LBA. The visor can be locked in the raised or lowered position depending upon the different phases of a mission with the new ARC Rail Visor Mount.

The enhanced TAC 6 ensemble and ARC Rail Visor System are on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV, from January 23 to 26, 2018.

During this time, customer briefings will be available to members of the law enforcement and military communities. For more information, please visit

About Med-Eng
The Med-Eng brand provides integrated and battle-proven solutions for protecting frontline personnel from blast and heat threats. Its Personal Protective Equipment and specialized tools for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), bomb disposal, tactical operations and demining are trusted by military and public safety agencies in approximately 100 countries and territories worldwide. Its Crew Survivability solutions, including customized blast attenuation seats and thermal management systems, protect military vehicle crews and their mission-critical electronics. All Med-Eng equipment is engineered and rigorously tested to help save lives and enhance operational capabilities. Med-Eng is a part of The Safariland Group of brands. For more information, visit
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The Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland®, Med-Eng®, Safariland® Armor, Safariland® VIEVU®, Mustang Survival®, Bianchi®, Break Free®, PROTECH® Tactical, Defense Technology®, Hatch®, Monadnock®, Identicator® and NIK®. The Safariland Group’s mission, “Together, We Save Lives”, is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.
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