Med-Eng Unveils Most Advanced and Protective Bomb Suit in History of Public Safety Bomb Disposal and Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal

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January 19, 2016

Med-Eng Unveils Most Advanced and Protective Bomb Suit in History of Public Safety Bomb Disposal and Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOD 10 Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet’s new technologies and ergonomics generate immediate customer interest

OTTOWA, Ontario – Med-Eng® announced today the launch of its highly anticipated EOD® 10 Bomb Disposal Suit & Helmet ensemble, at SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show 2016. The system offers much enhanced functionality and is the result of an aggressive development program that challenged conventional thinking on bomb suit design to achieve significant gains in weight reduction, physical mobility and application of new technologies, while increasing protection levels.

This new generation ensemble takes a user-centric approach to bomb suit design with outstanding results. The suit is a remarkable 15 percent lighter; the helmet has been completely redesigned; and, the system’s ergonomics have been carefully tailored to redistribute weight loading and maximize range of motion. A patent pending system for enhanced load distribution, impact protection and ventilation has been integrated into the ensemble. An extensive Human Factors Engineering program confirmed that these advancements reduce physical strain, allow longer missions without fatigue and enable users to more easily overcome obstacles and conduct challenging tasks, such as vehicle or building searches.

“Med-Eng is extremely proud to present the EOD 10 generation to public safety Bomb Technicians and military EOD operators,” said Rob Reynolds, General Manager of Med-Eng. “We listened carefully to their needs and challenged our researchers and design engineers to break through outdated perceptions. Their results are excellent: lighter weight, the intelligent use of new technologies, greater situational awareness, and higher overall protection. This provides a superior user experience and demonstrates the thought leadership that makes Med-Eng the world’s most trusted provider of blast protective equipment.”

The EOD 10 is the first bomb suit to integrate digital technologies at a system level to assist the user. The helmet includes a voice command system to control numerous functions to keep the user’s hands free. A wrist-mounted remote control unit with icon-based menu screens serves as an information hub and provides visual and audio warnings, in addition to controlling numerous functions such as communications, lights and ventilation. The helmet enhances situational awareness by using digital microphones and stereophonic speakers to detect the directional source of nearby sounds. Experienced EOD operators who faced Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIED) in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere will appreciate the ability of the EOD 10 to prevent unwanted radio frequency signals from affecting an RCIED or interfering with its electronic systems.

The user-centric development process also identified the need for new capabilities in the areas of cooling, illumination and casualty aid. To mitigate heat stress, the jacket and helmet both have integrated evaporative cooling systems. To illuminate dark spaces in a controlled manner, users can choose from white, red or blue lights based on their respective properties in a given threat scenario. In the event of an accident, the suit jacket facilitates emergency extraction and enables medical personnel to provide aid quickly.

Reynolds added, “The primary purpose of a bomb suit is to protect the user, and Med-Eng has applied its world-renowned blast effects expertise to evaluate and utilize new, lightweight protective materials to increase overall protection, while substantially reducing weight. This is an outstanding achievement by any measure.” The system has been subjected to what is likely the most thorough series of live tests and validation processes ever conducted, to confirm its industry-leading performance against all four blast threats: overpressure, fragmentation, impact and heat/flame.

“Users will be able to add upcoming options for advanced cooling and chemical/biological protection,” said Reynolds. “But what makes the EOD 10 even more exciting is that it will serve as a platform to which new communication technologies and sensors can be added to better exchange information in real time and capture forensic evidence. This will be increasingly important as the men and women on the front lines face evolving terrorist threats. By providing capability-based solutions, Med-Eng will continue to support its global user base as they conduct counter-terrorism, counter-IED and military EOD operations.”

The EOD 10 is on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show 2016, from January 19 to 22. During this time, customer briefings will be available to members of the military and law enforcement communities. For more information please visit

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