NEW Cerakote Barrel Finish Options for Defense Technology Single Launchers

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January 19, 2015

NEW Cerakote Barrel Finish Options for Defense Technology Single Launchers

Single Launchers now with new abrasion-resistant Cerakote finish

 JACKSONVILLE, Florida –Defense Technology® is unveiling a new Cerakote™ coating for their Model 1327 and 1315 Single Launchers at the 2015 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show, booth #12762. According to studies by Cerakote, the finish has abrasion-resistance far superior to any other standard gun coatings and outlasts other finishes in salt spray testing and elevated environmental exposure.

“To meet the stringent demands of our customers, our 1327 and 1315 launcher barrels now come standard with Prismatic Powders “Cerakote” black finish,” said John Kapeles, Defense Technology Director. “The Cerakote finish enhances abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength and hardness.”

In addition to the barrel color, the Model 1327 40mm Single Launcher is also available in orange, tan and green at an additional cost. In addition, Defense Technology now offers upgrade kits for owners of the 1325 launcher to match the features of the 1327 launcher, including the standard black Cerakote coating.

The 1327 Launcher, 1315 Launcher and the 1325 upgrade kit with Cerakote Barrels are now available for sale to law enforcement agencies only.


Part No. Product MSRP
1327 40mm Single Rifled Launcher $995.00
1327OR 40mm Single Rifled Launcher, Orange Barrel $1,025.00
1327TA 40mm Single Rifled Launcher, Tan Barrel $1,025.00
1327GR 40mm Single Rifled Launcher, Green Barrel $1,025.00
1315 37mm Single Gas Launcher $692.40
1325A 1325 Upgrade Kit $350.00
1325B 1325 Upgrade Kit w/o Triple Latch $325.00
1325AC 1325 Upgrade Kit w/ Colored Barrel $380.00
1325BC 1325 Upgrade Kit w/o Triple Latch w/ Colored Barrel $355.00


Detailed information on these Defense Technology products is available online at:

1327 40mm Single Launcher

1315 37mm Single Gas Launcher

1325 Upgrade Kit

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