New NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield from Protech Tactical

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May 11, 2016

New NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield from Protech Tactical
Type III Shield defeats increasing presence of M855/SS109 rounds

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Safarilandtoday announced the release of the new Protech® Tactical NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield, NIJ 0108.01 type III compliant. Comprised of advanced composite, high-performance polyethylene and ceramic, this type III shield boasts protection from a multitude of rounds, which is vital for members of the law enforcement community.

Demand for the NATO SS was driven by a surplus of the M855/SS109 rounds in the domestic U.S. market. As suppliers release the M855/SS109 rounds to civilian distributors, the need for effective type III equipment is more important than ever.

“Officers are significantly more likely to encounter the M855/SS109 today than just a few years ago,” says Dan McNeil, Director of Tactical Armor. “Traditional lightweight type III ballistic- resistant shields are not able to attack the challenge of defeating this round. Committed to Safariland’s mantra that, ‘Together, We Save Lives,’ this next generation shield from Protech Tactical will shift the marketplace.”

Ultimately, the NATO SS is designed for high-performance incidents as the first type III shield that successfully stops penetration of M855/SS109 rounds. Protech Tactical’s NATO line of products has already earned a reputation for life saving innovations. For example, Safariland SAVES Club® Member #1940 was inducted earlier this year after the NATO II™ Shield stopped the rounds of a 12-gauge shotgun.

Specific to the new NATO SS, this ballistic resistant shield safeguards end users in law enforcement against numerous rounds, including the 7.62mm x 51mm M80 FMJ, 5.56mm x 45mm M193 Ball, 5.56mm x 45mm Tactical Bonded Projectile, 5.56mm x 45mm M855 Ball and the 7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball Projectile.

Featuring Safariland’s latest technology and highest quality materials, this shield measures 20” x 32” and features 4” ballistic wings for additional protection from angled shots. A strategically placed 4” x 10” viewport offers the user excellent visibility without sacrificing coverage. Moreover, a horizontal handle bar and standoff straps located on the back of the shield ensure proper placement during use. Each NATO SS also includes a shield support hook for additional support and stabilization, which is to reduce the weight-bearing load.

The NATO SS is available to order with part number 1189266 and is offered at $6,300 MSRP. For ordering, please contact an account representative or a member of the Safariland customer service team at 1.800.347.1200. For more information, visit

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