PROTECH Tactical Introduces IMPAC-HT1 for Handgun Threat and Spike 1 Protection

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – The PROTECH® Tactical brand announced today the introduction of the IMPAC™-HT1 plate to its line of IMPAC special threat plates. The IMPAC-HT1 provides protection to law enforcement officers from both handgun and limited spike threats.

With the performance standards of the best-selling IMPAC-HT special threat plate line in mind, the IMPAC-HT1 provides the same high-velocity handgun threat protection with the added benefit of Spike 1 protection. The IMPAC-HT1 was designed to meet the needs of teams that are seeking a lightweight option to face a limited amount of spike protection, but don’t require the robust protection offered by the IMPAC-MT (multi-threat) plate line which addresses a wider range of spike and edged bladed threats.

“Law enforcement officers can’t predict the threats they will face in the line of duty, but with the addition of the IMPAC-HT1 plate, the IMPAC line of special threat plates now offers the widest array of threat specific protection on the market,” said Dan McNeil, Category Director for Tactical Armor. “The IMPAC-HT1 is the best of both worlds when it comes to protection from handgun threats and limited spike threats.”

The IMPAC-HT1 has been independently tested* to defeat the following rounds:

(Rounds tested on separate plates)

Ballistic Rounds: Speer .357 Sig, 125 gr. FMJ FN
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 1470 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: Speer .44 Mag, 240 gr. SJHP
Impacts Per Plate: 1
Test Velocity (fps): 1430 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: Winchester® Ranger 9mm +P+, 127 gr SXT
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 1250 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: Speer .357 Sig, 125 gr. GDHP
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 1375 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: Norinco 7.62 X 25 Tokarev, 85 gr. FMJ
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 1530 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: FN 7.62 X 28 mm, 28 gr. SS195LF, JHP (Belgium)
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 2075 ± 30 fps

Ballistic Rounds: FN 7.62 X 28 mm, 40 gr SS197 (Blue Tip)
Impacts Per Plate: 3
Test Velocity (fps): 1740 ± 30 fps

(Weapons tested on separate plates)
Spike/Edge Weapons: Spike 1
# of Drops: 3
Strike/Overstrike Energy (ft. lbf): E1: 17.7 ± 0.4 / E2: 26.6 ± 0.4

*The IMPAC-HT1 has not been tested or certified in accordance with NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements or NIJ Standard-0101.06. The IMPAC-HT1 plate should always be used in conjunction with an NIJ certified flexible armor vest.

All IMPAC style-plates are offered in four different sizes including a 5” x 7” size for shorter torso lengths, a standard sized 5” x 8”, a 7” x 9” for expanded torso protection and a 10” x 12” shooter’s cut.

The PROTECH line of IMPAC special threat plates is now available in six styles:
• IMPAC-HT for high velocity handgun threat protection
• IMPAC-HT1 for high velocity handgun threat and limited spike threat protection
• IMPAC-CT/DT for duty threat and spike and edged blade threat protection
• IMPAC-MT for handgun, spike and edged blade threat protection
• IMPAC-RT for rifle threat protection
• IMPAC-RT PLUS for enhanced rifle threat protection

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