Save No.

Corporal Brock Tullos

Borger Police Department - TX Saves Club

On September 19, 2022, Corporal Brock Tullos of the Borger Police Department responded to a domestic dispute call. Upon arrival on the scene, he and other officers entered the location, making contact with a female in a dark hallway. Suddenly, a male stepped out behind her and placed his arm around her neck. The male suspect immediately opened fire with a .9mm firearm. The assailant fired six rounds, one of which hit Corporal Tullos in the forearm and lower left chest. Cpl. Tullos’s Safariland XT03 Level II armor stopped the round to his chest. The assailant was taken into custody as he fled out the back of the residence. Corporal Tullos has returned to full duty.

We welcome Corporal Brock Tullos as SAVE #2167 to the Safariland Group SAVES Club.

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