Save No.

Correctional Officer Jesus Ramirez

California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Saves Club

On February 23, 2019, CO Ramirez and his partner were conducting a cell search. After opening the cell and instructing the inmates to exit, while inmate 1 complied, inmate 2 attacked CO Ramirez. Inmate 2 struck CO Ramirez several times in the chest before CO Ramirez was able to take him to the ground and, with the help of responding back up officers, place inmate 2 in handcuffs. During the fight, CO Ramirez injured his right achilles and knee. He was transported to the hospital where he removed his Safariland® Prism PS 3.0 Spike Vest and discovered 2 holes in his uniform and outer armor carrier. His Safariland PS 3.0 Spike Vest had stopped the 2 strikes from the inmates improvised edged weapon. CO Ramirez has returned to full duty.

We welcome Correctional Officer Jesus Ramirez, SAVE #2094, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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