Save No.

Correctional Officer Mario Miranda

California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation - CA Saves Club

On June 25, 2022, Correctional Officer Mario Miranda and other officers were conducting a random cell search. The inmate was instructed to step outside the cell. CO Miranda was performing a handheld metal detector search when the device alerted to metal being present in the waist area. The inmate was ordered to place his hands on the wall and initially complied, but suddenly turned and pulled an unknown object from his waist and attacked the officers. CO Miranda took multiple strikes from his attacker and received puncture wounds to his left arm and right ear. CO Miranda was able to control the attacker long enough for responding officers to arrive and secure the inmate. CO Miranda’s Safariland PS 3.0 Spike Armor blocked the blows to his torso, and he sustained no damage in the areas covered by his armor. CO Miranda’s wound to the ear was so severe it was discovered at the hospital that his saliva gland was punctured. He has recovered and returned to duty.

We welcome Correctional Officer Mario Miranda as SAVE #2169 to the Safariland Group SAVES Club.

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