Save No.

Deputy Aaron Reynolds

Broadwater County Sheriff's Office - Montana Saves Club

On January 18, 2024, the Montana Highway Patrol was pursuing a vehicle southbound on Highway 287. Deputy Aaron Reynolds of the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office was traveling North on Highway 287 and slowing down to let the pursuit pass him so he could then join in to assist. As Deputy Reynolds slowed and pulled to the right to allow the pursuit to pass, he activated his emergency lights. The suspect swerved and struck Deputy Reynolds’s vehicle head on at approximately 100 mph. The suspect was fatally injured but Deputy Reynolds survived. Doctors credit his Safariland® Hardwire® .68 level IIIA armor worn in an Oregon City Carrier with protecting his torso.

We welcome Deputy Aaron Reynolds as Save #2201 to The Safariland Group Saves Club®.

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