Save No.

Deputy John Westfall

Roane County Sheriff's Office, West Virginia Saves Club

 On August 28, 2012 deputies from Roane County West Virginia responded to a Shots Fired/Officers Down call. Two West Virginia State Troopers had been shot near Clay, West Virginia and the assailant was at large. A perimeter was set up and deputies and other responding officers and troopers began a search. 

 Deputy John Westfall and Deputy Kevin Unger located the shooter over an embankment along the highway, whereupon the suspect immediately opened fire on the deputies. He fired six (6) shots from a .45 ACP with three (3) rounds striking Deputy Westfall. One round hit his right hand, one round hit his left shoulder, and the third round hit his ABA® XHP IIIA vest. The deputies and other law enforcement personnel returned fire fatally wounding the assailant. The round that hit Deputy Westfall in the abdomen was fired at a 45 degree upward angle from less than 12 feet away. Deputy Westfall’s ABA XHP IIIA armor stopped the round from proceeding up through his chest in what doctors say would have been an almost certain fatal trajectory. 

 Deputy Westfall was treated for the injuries to his hand and shoulder and is recovering well and expects to return to duty soon. He suffered no abdominal injuries thanks to his armor. 

We welcome Deputy John Westfall, Save #1809 to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

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