Save No.

Deputy Josh Bass

Giles County Sheriff's Department - TN Saves Club

On May 18, 2023, Deputies with the Giles County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to an address in Northern Giles County to do a welfare check on a possible suicidal person. Family members described hearing a gunshot from inside the residence. Deputies attempted to make contact by phone and over the PA system with no success. They were provided a key to the residence and made a plan to go inside to render aid if needed. While using the key, deputies heard a shot from inside and moved to cover. They continued to attempt to contact the resident. As more deputies arrived, Ferret rounds and a tri-chamber were introduced to the residence. After 30 minutes with no response from the occupant, another attempt was made to enter the residence to render aid. Lt. Shane Hunter, Deputy John Stringer, Deputy Josh Bass and Captain Joe Purvis were in the team and Sgt. Ricky Watkins from the Pulaski Police Department provided a Safariland PROTECH Might Mite X Shield to Lt. Hunter. As soon as the team opened the door, the occupant opened fire. The Mighty Might X shield was hit multiple times. The Deputies were able to move to cover and a standoff ensued. The Tennessee Highway Patrol tactical unit responded, and the assailant eventually surrendered.

We welcome Deputy Josh Bass as SAVE #2183 to the Safariland Group SAVES Club.

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