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Deputy Wayne “Blanch” Blanchard

Walworth County Sheriff's Office Saves Club

On August 1, 2021, Deputies from the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office were attempting to stop a vehicle that had committed a speeding violation and was failing to pull over. Deputy Wayne “Blanch” Blanchard was behind a guardrail and had deployed Stop Sticks ahead of the suspect vehicle. Prior to arriving at the Stop Sticks location, the suspect vehicle lost control and struck the guardrail behind which Deputy Blanchard was positioned. The suspect’s vehicle was traveling over 100 mph when it crashed. Deputy Blanchard was literally ripped from his boots and thrown over 50 feet. Deputy Blanchard was rushed to the hospital where he remained for nearly 3 months. He endured multiple surgeries on his hands, legs and shoulder, as well as surgeries for facial reconstruction. The doctors credit his Safariland® SX02 level IIIA armor with protecting his torso.

Deputy Blanchard is continuing his physical therapy and hopes to return to full duty.

We welcome Deputy Wayne “Blanch” Blanchard, SAVE #2139 to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

Saves Year to date: 14
Total Saves: 2139

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