Save No.

Narcotics Detective Sean Stumpf

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police - PA Saves Club

On January 2, 2023, officers around Pittsburgh were looking for a suspect who had shot and killed the Chief of Police of a local agency as well as wounded another officer earlier that day. Narcotics Detectives from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police located the suspect, who was operating a stolen vehicle, and gave pursuit. The suspect crashed and fled. Narcotics Detective Sean Stumpf and Narcotics Detective Michael Slatcoff discovered him and gave chase on foot. The suspect opened fire with a 9mm Glock modified to fire fully automatic and equipped with an extended magazine. Narcotics Detective Stumpf was hit on his arm and in the center of his chest. Narcotics Detective Stumpf was able to stay in the fight and return fire, as was Detective Slatcoff. Together, they ended the threat. Narcotics Detective Stumpf needed surgery on his left arm, but his Safariland SM02 Level II Armor protected his chest and stopped the round.

Narcotics Detective Stumpf has returned to full duty.

We welcome Narcotics Detective Sean Stumpf as SAVE #2168 to the Safariland Group SAVES Club.

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