Save No.

Officer Greg Ivory

Springfield Police Department, Springfield, Ohio Saves Club

 This incident occurred on August 24, 2012 when Officer Greg Ivory and another officer were dispatched to a residence on Maiden Lane following a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival the officers found the suspect involved in an altercation and pointing a gun at his estranged wife. Officers drew their weapons and ordered the suspect to drop the gun. Instead, the suspect opened fire on the officers, hitting Officer Ivory in the abdomen. The round was stopped by his Second Chance® SM01 IIIA vest. Officers then returned fire fatally wounding the assailant. The estranged wife was unharmed in the encounter. 

Officer Ivory was transported to the ER where he was treated and released. 911 radio recordings show the incident lasted only 38 seconds from the officers’ arrival on the scene and the time the shooting stopped, to when the incident was over. 

We welcome Officer Greg Ivory, Save #1811 to the to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

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