Save No.

Officer Jennifer Kruse

Blue River Police Department - CO Saves Club

On July 21, 2018, Officer Jennifer Kruse responded to a DUI crash. When she arrived on scene, the suspect was lying in the middle of the highway in only his boxer shorts covered in blood. While talking to the suspect and waiting for the medics, the suspect repeatedly tried to stand and asked to be arrested. The suspect stood up and tried to enter the back of the patrol car. When it didn’t open, he took a long look around. Officer Kruse tried to detain him as he appeared to be getting ready to flee. He then began assaulting her, hitting her in the temple and continuing to assault her. She almost lost consciousness and has a gap in her memory of the assault but recovered in time to assist another officer and take the assailant into custody. She was bloody and bruised. DNA evidence collected at the scene as well as statements made by the suspect after his arrest showed the assailant had attempted to gain control of her firearm but was unable to defeat the Level III Retention on Officer Kruse’s Safariland 6360 holster. Officer Kruse credits her Safariland holster with keeping her in the fight and saving her life.

We welcome Officer Jennifer Kruse as SAVE #2172 to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®

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