Save No.

Officer Josh Lott

Burleson Texas Police Department Saves Club

On April 14, 2021, Officer Josh Lott conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation. Officer Lott approached from the passenger side and observed 3 occupants in the vehicle. He knocked on the passenger window and the driver, who had been turned looking back out his window, immediately turned to the passenger side and opened fire with a .38 special at Officer Lott. Officer Lott was hit three times. He was hit once in the center of his chest on his armor, and twice off the armor. One round hit his upper right chest and one went through his neck. Officer Lott was able to move to cover and return fire. He radioed the details of the incident and requested medical attention for his wounds. All three suspects were located and taken into custody. Officer Lott’s Safariland Safariland® SX® Level IIIA armor stopped the round that hit his center chest and he is making a full recovery from the two rounds that hit off the armor.

We welcome Officer Josh Lott, SAVE #2111, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB

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