Save No.

Officer Matt Brazeal

Fort Worth Police Department - TX Saves Club

On June 13, 2020, Officer Matt Brazeal of the Fort Worth Police Department was attempting to throw STOP Sticks in front of a stolen vehicle that was failing to yield to other officers. As the pursuit approached Officer Brazeal’s location, the suspect swerved from the roadway and intentionally struck Officer Brazeal at a speed estimated between 70-90 MPH. Officer Brazeal was pulled under the vehicle and dragged approximately 100 feet trapped under the vehicle. Officer Brazeal suffered injuries including traumatic brain injury, multiple broken ribs, a collapsed lung, broken right humerus, completely dislocated left elbow, perforated bladder, pelvis shattered into 3 pieces, left leg was nearly ripped off, left femur snapped in half, right ankle snapped off at the tibia/fibula. Officer Brazeal has undergone over 65 surgeries since the assault and hopes to be able to return to duty later this year. He credits his Safariland SX02 Level IIIA armor with saving his torso from extensive road rash and for helping make the difference in both his survival and continued recovery.

We welcome Officer Matt Brazeal as SAVE #2178 to the Safariland Group SAVES Club.

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