Save No.

Officer Michael Lewis Jr.

Gastonia Police Department – North Carolina Saves Club

On November 12, 2020, Officers responded to an altercation outside a local club. Sgt. Nelson and Officer Michael Lewis Jr. attempted to de-escalate the situation. While trying to disperse the crowd, officers heard gunfire. Both officers were struck by 9mm +P JHP rounds. Sgt. Nelson was hit in the foot and Officer Lewis was hit in the back and in the back of his knee. Officer Lewis moved into a position of cover and radioed for backup and medical assistance. A civilian used his truck to help provide cover for Officer Lewis and alerted arriving back-up and medical personnel of Officer Lewis’s location. The Officers were transported to Caromont Medical Center for treatment and it was discovered that Officer Lewis’s Safariland® SX® SX02 Level IIIA armor had stopped the 9mm +P round that struck him in the torso. Two suspects have
been charged with the shooting and both officers are recovering.

We welcome Officer Micheal Lewis Jr., SAVE #2116, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB

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