Save No.

Officer Darrel Edwards

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sacramento CA Saves Club

On entering an apartment in response to a disturbance call, the subject rushed Edwards and his partner, firing one of the two-.22 handguns in his possession. At point blank range Edwards partner discharged his 12ga. shotgun with a #1 buckshot. The round struck the subject in the lower right side, with three of the pellets ricocheting off the subject’s weapon striking Edwards in the stomach. Thanks to the Second Chance® vest he was wearing, Edwards suffered being knocked back a few feet and sustained a small red bruise. Edwards stated, “I have the lead pellets which have the pattern of the vest imbedded in them, I am saving them as a reminder.”

We welcome Officer Darrel Edwards, SAVE #108, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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