Save No.

Officer John O’Sullivan

Indian Town Beach Milford CT Saves Club

1:30 a.m. Chief of private beach assn. was closing gates to facilities. Checking lovers out of beach area. Heard tires screeching and  saw a guy doing donuts in parking lot. He got out of his car and other guy came out shooting. He shot twice, he was hit with a .230 grain jacketed 45 caliber bullet. 2nd bullet hit his ballistic protector and hit his clavical it did not penetrate, but it knocked him down. He found himself looking up at perp standing over him saying goodbye aiming gun at him. Shot 16 times he died. So you were able to retun fire because of his armor. Kid was that was shot was the son of some bigwig in jersey and everything got squashed.

We welcome Officer John O’Sullivan, SAVE #1117, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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