Save No.

Officer Tracy Wardell

Wheat Ridge Police Department Wheat Ridge CO Saves Club

SWAT was called on the report of a suspect holding his girlfriend and her children hostage after threatening her with a 10″ butcher knife. SWAT set up a perimeter and talked the suspect into releasing his hostages. When it became apparent that the suspect was preparing to charge the SWAT officers, a decision was made to take the suspect into custody with the use of less lethal munitions. The officers attempted to enter the residence behind a Protech Intruder Shield. The suspect charged the entry team with the knife raised as soon as entry was made. The shield carrying officer placed the shield between the suspect and the officer attempting to fire the bean bag rounds. The suspect hit the shield and attempted to stab over it. As the suspect hit the shield , it moved sideways as a support officer fired at the suspect. The first round struck the shield with the second and third rounds striking the suspect killing him.

We welcome, Officer Tracy Wardell, SAVE #1409, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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