Save No.

Constable Jim Long

Jim Wells County Constable Alice TX Saves Club

Constable Long was on routine patrol when he received a call about a possible suicide. Constable Long met backup at the residence and learned that shots had been fired within the residence. Constable Long yelled for the suspect to come out of the residence but no response was received. After several more attempts and receiving no response, Constable Long approached the residence and as he did this, the suspect fired at him. Constable Long was hit in the shoulder and chest. As he took cover in the yard, two more shots were fired by the suspect. One of these shots hit another officer in the hand and the other hit one of the police vehicles that was on site. Constable Long did not realize he had been hit until he began to feel pain in his arm and began to feel lightheaded at which time he was transported to an ambulance that was waiting away from the scene. When he was examined in the ambulance, a bullet was found in his left shoulder.

We welcome, Constable Jim Long, SAVE #1462, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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