Save No.

Officer Scott Cameron

Monroe Police Department Monroe GA Saves Club

Officer Cameron was patrolling the backs of local Monroe, GA retail stores when he was ambushed by a two-fisted wielding assailant. The first blow was with an axe handle across the chest. While trying to get up, a second blow to the chest (later found to be made with a knife) did not deter Cameron from grabbing hold of his attacker. It was the third blow to the side of his head with the axe handle that left Cameron reeling. On inspection of the officer after the attack, Chief Oswell Armour found a 3.5″ tear on the front of Cameron’s uniform shirt, next to the left pocket. According to the police report, Armour “has no doubt that Officer Cameron would have been killed by the stab wound if he had not been wearing his Second Chance® Model Y vest.”

We welcome Officer Scott Cameron, SAVE #148, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®

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