Save No.

Officer Theophilus Mixon

Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Detroit MI Saves Club

Officer Mixon was in a one-man patrol unit when he spotted a “john” making a pickup. As the girl jumped into the car, Mixon pulled in front of the car and asked the driver for some ID. Instead of pulling out a wallet, out came a .357 magnum. Before Mixon could pull his own .357, a blast hit him in the right chest area. Despite being pushed back “five or six feet into the street,” Mixon got off six shots hitting his assailant four times. “I didn’t have time to think,” said Mixon, “I was just trying to take this sucker with me!” Mixon’s 5-year old Model “X” vest took most of the fight out of the 158gr hollow-point projectile, but not before it left a nasty black and blue reminder of the encounter with what turned out to be a “professional” hit man.

We welcome Officer Theophilus Mixon, SAVE #158, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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