Save No.

Officer Timothy Todd

Festus City Police Department Festus MO Saves Club

Officer Todd was cruising on a one-man patrol when he spotted a van idling in a local radio station parking lot. As he stepped from his unit and approached the lone female in the van’s front seat, he caught a back-of-the-head slap from a blunt object. Stunned, and on his knees, Todd drew his .357 service weapon only to have it knocked out of his hand and picked up by his unknown attacker. “I didn’t hear the blasts, just saw two flashes of light,” said Todd. The two hits, within two inches of each other, were directly over the heart, were found in the Second Chance Model® “Y” he was wearing.

We welcome Officer Timothy Todd, SAVE #164, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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