Save No.

Officer Steve Dalick

Hollywood Police Department Hollywood FL Saves Club

Officer Dalick had already placed one person under arrest for a concealed weapon with a silencer when an accomplice stepped from the bushes behind Dalick. As Dalick turned, the man shot him in the lower right back. The .22 slug was deflected off the officer’s Second Chance® vest. Dalick drew his own weapon and was shot in the wrist, knocking the officer and his weapon on the ground. While stepping on Dalick’s gun hand, the assailant pumped another slug into the prone officer’s upper arm. The gun jammed on the fourth try and the two fled only to be apprehended by the back-up unit coming to Dalick’s assistance.

We welcome Officer Steve Dalick, SAVE #170, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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