Save No.

Corporal Samuel Pavlak

Yuma County Sheriff’s Office AZ Saves Club

On Sept, 10, 2011, three members of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Special Response team were serving a high-risk warrant. As they approached the entrance to the apartment, they were shot by the suspect. Deputy Andrew Orozco and Deputy Guy Avenetti were behind a PROTECH® IntruderTM Shield, which took multiple 9mm hits, successfully stopping the rounds. Corporal Samuel Pavlak was hit in the upper chest/bicep area by a 9mm round. His PROTECH® TRIMAXTM with BR01-IIIA ballistics successfully stopped the round. This is the second SAVE attributed to NIJ-06 approved ballistics. The suspect, once he realized that his assault was ineffective, dropped his weapon and surrendered. All officers were treated and released from the hospital.

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