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Master Police Officer Christopher Amos

Norfolk Police Department Norfolk VA Saves Club

During this year’s SAVES presentation at SHOT Show, we were approached by members of this officer’s department who informed us about a SAVE incident that occurred more than 17 years ago to an officer wearing a Safariland® vest.

On January 3, 1996 Master Police Officer Christopher Amos of the Norfolk Police Department and his partner were on bicycle patrol when they encountered a drug transaction in progress. The suspects split up and ran with the two officers chasing after one suspect each. As Officer Amos caught up to one suspect, the suspect turned and opened fire with a .380 semiautomatic handgun. Officer Amos was hit in the chest and thigh, and fell to the ground as the suspect moved in to continue firing. At this time Officer Amos drew his service weapon and returned fire fatally wounding his assailant.

The round that hit Officer Amos in the chest was stopped by his Safariland Level IIIA Magnum Lite armor. Officer Amos was awarded the Norfolk Police Department’s Medal of Valor for his actions and is still on patrol in Norfolk.

We welcome Master Police Officer Christopher Amos, SAVE #1848, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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