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Officer Adam Young

Raleigh Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit Raleigh NC Saves Club

On February 6, 2012 the Raleigh Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit was called upon to deal with a barricaded suspect. The suspect had a mental commitment order due to threats of violence he had made to himself and others. The unit attempted negotiations, but after an extended time, the negotiations broke down and the unit was given the order to breach. Officer Adam Young was the designated breacher and as the unit breached the door, the suspect opened fire with a 9mm firearm shooting eight rounds at the team.

Officer Young was hit three times. One round hit his left thigh fracturing his femur. A second round hit him in the left abdominal area and was stopped by his PROTECH® Rapid ResponseTM vest with Type IIIA PT300 ballistics. A third round entered his torso under his arm and exited above his sternum. Surgeons and Officer Young agree that the round that hit his armor would have caused serious bodily harm or even would have been fatal had it not been stopped by his vest.

Officer Young has been cleared to return to full duty and we welcome him as SAVE #1849 to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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