Save No.

Officer Christopher Kertis

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Pittsburgh PA Saves Club

On March 17, 2013 officers from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle. A passenger jumped from the car and began to flee. Officer Christopher Kertis gave chase, but tripped during the chase and fell to the ground breaking both wrists. The suspect then turned and fired three (3) shots at Officer Kertis from a stolen 9mm handgun hitting him in the leg, foot and chest.

Officer Kertis, wounded and with two broken wrists, drew his service weapon and returned fire, critically wounding his assailant. Officer Kertis was rushed to the local hospital emergency room and treated for the gunshot wounds to his leg and foot. The shot to the chest was stopped by Officer Kertis’ Second Chance® Monarch® SummitTM level II armor (05). Officer Kertis returned to duty this week.

We welcome Officer Christopher Kertis Save #1852, to the Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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